Waiting again!

Just sympathising with all of you out there waiting for results, for ops and for treatments. It’s as much a test of mental strength I think! My post lumpectomy results appt has been moved from 2nd May… to 13th May… and now to 16th as results are not ready. I don’t think it will change what happens next but difficult when you prepare yourself and then have to rethink. I have no complaints but it is quite mentally testing! Makes it so important to still do the things you enjoy (if you can) - see friends, read books and (dare I say it) eat cake (within reason :joy:). So hang on in there! :two_hearts:


I wholly endorse the cake eating! :rofl:

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ha ha yes :grin:. Unfortunately for me it’s having an effect on my waistline and summer clothes are a bit tight! But yes, anything that makes you feel better I think in these tricky times.

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You are so right the waits are just awful but it sounds like you are doing OK: your advice for dealing with them is spot on.

Trust me when I tell you there’ll be plenty of time to worry about your waistline later xx


I hate the waiting so much. Since my diagnosis, I’ve had 2 surgeries and a third next week. With the 6 week pathology waits every time, it means I’m 6 months since diagnosis now. By the time i get to chemo, it could be 9 months. I wish I was as positive as you sound!! Hope you get results soon! Xx


Hi @bluesatsuma Thank you! I’ve only had one surgery but with delays along the way, and only still 3 months since diagnosis. I imagine it wears you down a bit when you get to your third and waiting each time! Good luck next week, hope this one sorts things out for you :crossed_fingers:t3::two_hearts:


Awww sorry to hear you are waiting again. I hope it all goes well on Thursday for you. Big hugs and best wishes x


I had Breast cancer about 24 years ago. I don’t think there are many days when your mind doesn’t think about it in one form or another.
The forms can include headaches, worrisome days in which you seem to have something on your mind but can’t solve it, eating a lot, not eating enough, aches and all the side effects that stress etc can bring on, skin problems so on.
I didn’t get all those but know people that have had one or more.
No, cancer is a lot more than the total worry but carries on even after cancer may have been sorted. I hope all do not worry, but embrace the second chance they have got once cancer is over and cured.
Enjoy life and try things you haven’t done before, go on holiday to places that seemed a dream away go on a scary trip after all you’ve been on the scariest trip that the human race knows and you deserve to live life to the upmost. Love to you all X


Hi 58_muzzy this is so lovely to read, and describes what i guess many of us will be / are feeling but never really speak allowed. You finish on such a positive note, thank you for posting all your words are very true xxx

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Thank you :pray: I hope you find what you are looking for. I think I’ve now found mine. Xx

I should add I have secondary cancer, on my lungs now, and basically my life is now determined by the working of the drugs I take. I am not one to give up but have lost a lot of fear about death and try and manage to do what I want now.
I hope you find that happy medium and enjoy life :kissing_heart:xx

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I sympathise with you … I too had 2 cancelled appts and was lucky enough to have my results by the third appt that was made!
I hope you get good results and your treatment can continue.
Radiotherapy stage was also another wait so I wish you well for the next journey when you get there.
I have found the huge lessons from everything so far was to learn patience and don’t make plans! :woman_facepalming::pray:

Wishing you well xx

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I was about to post something about appointments being cancelled. Since my first mammogram appointment (June 12 2023) was postponed, again and again until finally done on Dec 28 2023, followed by a biopsy in January and a lumpectomy in late February 2024, I’ve found that fully 50% of the followup appointments have been cancelled and rescheduled. Just happened again this week…my followup checkup with the oncologist was cancelled the day before it had been scheduled, and pushed out another month. I started wondering if this was age-related (I’m 76) because it happens so often. No excuses given, just “we need to reschedule your appointment”. Are they just waiting for me to die?

God bless you. I do hope you continue your positive attitude for your own journey xx

Oh the waiting!!! Gave me palpitations. It is tortuous.

Oh , it helps to know there are other women out there feeling like I do.
I feel I have lost part of me , I used to laugh , I am just so scared and confused re all this re scheduling and waiting .
Like someone else re marked is it because I am old . !!!