waiting..............and more waiting

I had a mammogram done 3 weeks ago today and am still waiting on results. I had diagnosis 2 yrs ago Her 2 pos and Oetregon pos and have had the hole shebang of treatment. Surgery, chemo, rads, herceptin and letrozole. Now I am waiting… I work in the health service where I had my treatment and I have pulled strings today to get a response. I don’t like to do this and will certainly push to get a better response for all women waiting on response in follow up. I hope that tomorrow I will have feedback on mammo, but can’t believe how anxious, paraniod and stressed I feel at this time. Not conducive to recovery as we talk about in Mental Health (my area of speciality). Sorry, just needed to sound off…this constant worry of recurrence is a nightrmare and I feel that the not knowing is draining me of strength. My diagnosis and treatment seems like yesterday and I thought I had put this behind me…evidently not. Thanks for letting me rant. J. Best wishes to all.

Hi J
I know what you mean I had 3 week wait in Jan this year for my first mammo from dx. It was awful. I cant understand why it takes so long when they got results within half an hour when I first went with my lump!!!

Here’s hoping you got clear result today
Best Wishes

Jill xxx