Waiting for 2ww appointment - 3 weeks on.

Hi all 


I don’t particularly have questions for anyone but just wanted somewhere to possibly talk about it as time goes on I am finding it a little hard to not become anxious. 


I went to my doctor 3 months ago with what I assumed were swollen lymph nodes in several places on my body. The most noticeable of which is in my armpit where I have a hard but movable lump. I noticed them in May but waited a few weeks before going to the doctor as I though perhaps I was fighting off a virus. 


I then got called back for bloods. They had a few results off so had them repeated. Finally after about 7 appointments where they kept calling me back in with no change, the last GP I saw decided to refer me to haematology. Then, later the same day, telephoned me to say she was concerned about the armpit lump in particular and was sending me on a 2ww to the breast clinic.


That was 3 weeks ago and I have chased it up a few times to be told my local hospital is struggling to meet demand. That I should hear soon. Initially I wasn’t too concerned about the breast referral but as time goes on I keep touching the lump and my mind keeps telling me things like ‘it’s growing’ or that I can feel another.


i suppose I do have a few questions. Like does anyone know if they can tell if a lymph node is suspicious from an ultrasound alone? Or will they definitely need to biopsy it? And will they still do the mammogram and everything? Even though I appear of have no lump in the breast. I guess they will. I have been before and so have some idea what to expect.  I just want to get the appointment now. 



Hi ,the waiting is torture isn’t it .I think as time goes on you do become more and more anxious.In my case they did ultrasound on my lympnodes and said they were clear ,the subsequent biopsy showed that to be true but until you get those results nothing is certain I’m afraid .Is your GP looking at other explanations too ? I’m currently waiting for letter through the post from my latests ( post breast cancer ) mammogram so I will join you in the “anxiously waiting room” - nothing you can do apart from try and keep busy and stay away from Google !!! I hope you get your appointment through soon .Jill x

Hi Bluebellrebel,

Sorry to hear you have this wait, it certainly doesn’t help with the anxiety.

At the breast clinic, you will be examined by the Dr, who will do an ultrasound. They do scan the nodes in the armpit & a biopsy will be taken if needed. A mammogram is normally done as well & if there is an area in the breast where it’s not clear what it is, then a biopsy is taken.

Although the anxiety is difficult, the important thing is they are being thorough & it’s right they are checking out the breast as well.  If you want to, do let us know how you get on.

ann x