Waiting for appointment, so scared

Was referred to the breast clinic after a doctor’s appointment last week and have an appointment this coming Friday. 

I went to the docs because I’d found an indentation below one of my nipples. I can’t feel a lump but the ANP I saw said that she thought there was a change in skin texture as well as the dent. 

I’m only 33, have young children and I’m terrified. I’m trying to hope for the best but also fearing the worst. I probably have to go to my appointment alone because my husband will be looking after our children and I’m just scared about what will happen and how I’m going to cope if I get bad news. 

Just feel really nervous about the appointment and keep going round in circles worrying about what might/might not be. 

Sorry not entirely sure of the point of this post but just needed to unload and hopefully hear from others who have been in a similar situation xx

Dear Morgenstern,

So pleased you have posted on this site, we have all been there and now we are here for you, 

Understandably, you are feeling very anxious at the moment. There is so much for you to take in you are so young, as you said you are concerned about going to your appointment alone when you arrive at the hospital, there should be at Breast Cancer nurse by your side who will look after you throughout your appointment she will be kind and understanding.

 I know you have three young children, which takes up a lot of your time. However if you can find the time to get a little note book make a few note before attending your appointment this make help you and there is quite a lot to take in on the day.

Take one day at a time, wishing you health and happiness going forward, lots of luck for Friday, please come back to the forum and let us know how you are getting on.

with the biggest hugs Tili ???

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Hi Tili, 

Thank you so much for such a kind reply, I feel less alone. That’s good to know that there should be a breast cancer nurse available for support. I have now had a friend offer to look after my children if I need my husband to come at any point during the appointment so I feel a bit better knowing I’ve got a bit of a plan if I need him to come. 

I will get a notebook, there’s so much flying round in my head that I’m sure I’ll forget to ask about on the day!! So that’s a really great tip, thank you. 

Thank you so much, I am trying to stay positive, but it’s hard! I’m glad I found this community though, it’s so good to know that no matter what Friday brings there will be people here who understand! 

Sending hugs xxx

Very very happy to be able to say that my appointment went well and on my ultrasound my breast tissue was normal. I am SO relieved but also very grateful for the support on here beforehand. 


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Happy Sunday Morgenstern,

Wonderful new, enjoy life to the fullest with your lovely little family, so pleased you came back to the forum to let us know how you got on with your appointment what an excellent outcome.

This will help others so much going forward in a similar position to you.

hugs Tili ???