Waiting for appointment

Hi everyone, 

I’ve read very similar stories to mine but haven’t seen many outcomes/results. About 5 weeks ago, i noticed a lump in my left breast which i thought would just go down or be normal. But then i started to have clear discharge coming from left nipple without pressure and with pressure. This has gotten worse over the 5 weeks so i called the doctors on Wednesday last week and within 1 minute of us being on the phone, they called me in within 30 minutes. (as you can imagine the shear panic you have when this happens - wasn’t fun) 

After the examination, she confirmed i do have a lump in my breast and will be referred to the breast clinic within 2 weeks. Luckily, i have private medical insurance through work who have got me an appointment thursday this week. I have been told i would need an ultrasound and maybe a mammogram. It is such a scary time and cannot think of anything else, it’s the what if questions - which i know are only what ifs but they could become a what now? 

Then what? I am absolutely terrified that it is breast cancer. But i’m trying to stay positive with everything i have, one thing that worries me even more is my age as im 25 which they always say ‘age is on your side’ but that doesnt take away the fact i have a lump in my breast. 

Only need to wait until Thursday so fingers crossed. 


I went to the docs 2 years ago at the age of 26 with a lump, I was sent to the breast clinic within 2 weeks. I had a ultrasound there aand was told immediately it was a cyst, no treatment needed unless it changed or started hurting. So there’s defiantly very simple positive outcomes. 

however I’m back on this forum now as Iv found a lump in my other breast now at the age of 28, I rang the docs yesterday and they told me to come in straight away, this morning I got a call from the breast clinic asking if I could go in tomorrow at 10.30.

super quick! Which I’m glad about but also crapping myself about.

ill send you a message tomorrow letting you know how I get on, I’m hoping it’s another cyst but it just feels different this time.

sending love.