Waiting for biopsy results and getting anxious again

Hi there

I am new to this site, I’ve been all over the internet trying to find somewhere to “settle” as I just need some emotional support, and I find sharing with others seems to make it easier for me.

Just to outline, I noticed a lump on Christmas Day (great timing)in my left breast. I have always had soreness there and lumpiness and been to the docs a few times over the years but told it was nothing - probably muscle strain etc, or I’m just lumpy.

Anyway, it just felt really heavy on Christmas Day and I found a lump about 2cm diameter a bit up from the nipple. I had to wait until the docs opened after New Year to see the doctor so the wait was awful.

He said to wait until after my period and go back. In the meantime I moved house (overseas!)with my husband and daughter, and went to the doctors in our new place a couple of weeks ago. The doc thought it was just a blocked duct but sent me for a mammogram anyway.

When I went for the mammogram they found the lump of course, and i had an ultrasound straight after. It turns out there was a cyst and two other suspicious areas. The doctor then did a FN aspiration on all three and I had to wait a week for the results. Unfortunately there was too much blood in the samples apparently so I had to go for a biopsy (3 more needles) last week.

For the first week after the aspiration I was worrying myself stupid to the point where I felt really ill. Its strange because I am not worrying for myself, but my young daughter - as I don’t want her to be without a mum (I know - I haven’t even been told its cancer yet!!!)

Anyway, after the biopsy I was just all worried out and couldn’t worry anymore and decided to be very philosphical and what will be will be etc.

However, as I am expecting the results of the biopsy tomorrow or Friday I am starting to get more and more anxious.

My husband’s reaction is to tell me it will be nothing - and I know it is his way of dealing with it, but if I try to tell him my fears it feels like he backs away.

I think I’m just looking for a bit of shoulder to cry on please.



How you are feeling is completely normal and everyone on this site will tell you that waiting for results is the hardest part. Of course it may be nothing, and there are plenty of good news posts on here. However, if its bad news, we are here for you.

Take care

Julia xx

Dear spudgirl

I just wanted to send warm wishes and to say that I am also overseas so understand your situation. Where are you?

The waiting is the worst no matter what - hopefully you will be fine, and you have support here no matter what.


Thanks for the messages it did help me yesterday and I am actually back to “philosophical” today. Just jumped when the phone rang earlier though - but it wasn’t the doctors :wink:

I’m in Belgium, Philippa and the hospital has been great, but somehow I feel more vulnerable than if I were in the UK in familiar surroundings. … which is why it is fantastic to have you guys online.

Did I say they also found calcifications which I thought were normally okay to have, but the doc says he may want to investigate the cause of them. I suppose it depends on the results of the biopsy on the other 3 bits first though … and one of those was a cyst which he had a hard time catching, so if he didn’t manage to catch it i’ll be back for another biopsy on that anyway.

… I have a feeling he doesn’t want to finish seeing me any time soon :wink:

Ah well - no news today apparently. Although my docs said thats probably good as if it were bad news the hospital would tell them sooner rather than later.

Anyway, looks like I have to wait until Mon or Tues now!

I’ve decided I’m not going to fret over the weekend though.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


… and still no results today either…!

The docs said they will chase it today.

I hover between being absolutely fine about it and then getting really nervous again.

Why would it take so long when the hosp promised I would know last week?

Hi all

Sorry for the “spam” I’m doing on my own thread! Just got a phone call from my doc and told they have found something suspicious and it seems to be a little a bit of cancer. They want to investigate further but they think its the non-spreadable type. (Sorry I’m completely clueless at the terminology!)

Anyway, got an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow lunchtime. I feel better now I know, but I’m sure it will hit me a bit later :wink:

Sorry to hear you will be joining us. I hope your news is good tommorow at least you will find out what it is and hopefully a plan of what is to happen next.hugs

We will all be here to share and “talk” whenever you need…sending hugs

Hello there!

Thanks for the kind words - they really do help.

Well I thought I was seeing the surgeon the other day but actually saw the Oncologist. He was very nice and non-scarey. He said they believe I have DCIS but they can’t tell if there is any invasive stuff as well until they get the lumps out. From what I have read DCIS would be the one you’d want if you had to choose a cancer type to have ;-)) … but he did say a few times that they can’t be certain there isn’t anything invasive until they get them out… but I’m fine with that (at the moment anyway!)

So he talked about the types of treatment there could be afterwards but it all depends on the results.

He then made me an appointment to see the surgeon and I saw her this morning. She is really lovely which I think helps tremendously.

She explained that first I will go for an MRI scan so she knows exactly where they are and how big etc, then depending on that she will decide if I need a lumpectomy or a mastectomy. She said she always tries to avoid mastectomy if she can, but if its not possible (and I have small boobs - so I am thinking mastectomy is more likely!) then she will put in a prosthesis at the same time to reconstruct it so I don’t have to go back for reconstruction later. She also talked about saving the aerola and nipple - can’t remember what scenario that was in as it was all getting a bit hazy by then :wink:

Anyway, I had blood tests done today, and I have some x-rays to have done, and I have to see a cardiologist - presumably just to check I am healthy for the op. I am getting the MRI done 1 March then seeing her again on 4th and I am booked in for the op on 26th March. It would have been earlier but my husband is away on a course the week before. Though she said I may need to go in the day before for some injection or something - can’t remember what that was about.

It all sounds pretty good to me and if it can wait until the end of March that must be a good thing.

I’ve also read on here about being allocated a breast cancer nurse, but being overseas I am assuming it isn’t something they do here… but what does a breast cancer nurse do? (sorry that sounds really thick I know!)

Is it best if I go and find another more appropriate thread/area now? I still want to “talk” to people but don’t want to clog up this area.


god I’ve just read my last post back and it sounds so crass and jolly! I just like to find a positive spin on this stuff because it just helps me deal with it - but reading it again it does make me sound like a bit of a fruitloop.

I am under no illusions this will be a walk in the park and I think I am just trying to deal with the mastectomy bit in a matter of fact sort of way. I know for a lot of people the thought of breast removal is a massive deal but I’ve never liked my boobs much anyway (too small) so I’m thinking it won’t make much difference to me as long as they can reconstruct it.

Just want you to know I’m not mad (yet!!), its just my way of coping …

Hello Spudgirl

It is evident there is a lot going on in your mind right now, we’ve all been there!!!

I just want to pick you up on the Mastectomy side of things…

I had a grade 3, triple negative (the most aggressive cancer you can have) and mine was also 2 cm in diameter but I had a lumpectomy and I’m glad I had the choice! My lymph nodes were also removed. I’ve just finished Chemo and now I’m half way through radiotherapy!

Don’t rush into a having a mastectomy UNLESS it is essential.

You say you have never really liked your breasts anyway, but this experience may change your opinion, take it from someone who felt the same! So don’t jump the gun because of that!!

I asked for a lumpectomy for my surgery but was warned after surgery they will know more about my tumour and they may need to do a Mastectomy…if there is more cancer cells in the safety margins. I was lucky as none were found and I was left with a 2 breasts and not 1. Had I done it the other way around I think it would have effected me more…

So what I’m trying to say is…(without trying to be patronising) have as little of your breast removed as possible if you are offered and the specialists say you will be fine, because It will change how you feel about yourself.

If you definitely have to have a Mastectomy there are some wonderful surgeons out there who can do all sorts during and after the operation but I am not with experience to comment further.

A cancer nurse is a designated specialist nurse to whom you can call and ask advice about everything from financial questions to body changes…almost everything that worries you!! Mine is amazing and she’s there for me for life!! I am constantly asking for advice! I think you can contact nurses on this website if you haven’t got access where you are…I really have seen hoe good the NHS is since all this happened to me!!

Hope some of this helps, keeping my fingers X’d for you Rosie Jo xx

Hiya - in 1007 I had the sort of mastectomy that your surgeon mentioned and my recovery was really easy. Like you, the surgeon said that a lumpectomy would make my breasts look really uneven and I kept my nipple and aerola although the tumour was close to both. I had an implant put in straight away and it looks very natural. I have a slight loss of sensation around the nipple of the reconstructed breast but feel that was a price worth paying and although the tumour was around the cleavage area, the scar is on the other side (and has almost completely faded). If you want to google it, it’s called a subcutaneous mastectomy.

Do send me a message if there’s anything else you’d like to know…

Rosie Jo and Poddle, Thanks both for the info. I really would like to avoid the mastectomy thing, but with having small boobs I think I’m just gearing myself up for it so it won’t be a surprise if the surgeon says there is no option. However she is really lovely and she did say she tries her best to not do the mastectomy.