Waiting for Biopsy Results and so so scared!!

I had a breast biopsy today in my right breast and I just need some encouragement/positive energy while I wait for my results. My mammogram/ultrasound showed an oval shaped Hypoechoic mass with gentle lobulation with a BI-RADS score of 4a(low suspicion of malignancy) Have any of you had something similar?  

For some reason I was expecting some encouraging words from the doctors at the biopsy appointment but as they were all so nice and caring, the nurses and doctors made it seem more serious than I originally thought.  And seeing more images on the screen during the US Core needle biopsy made the mass look all bumpy and fuzzy.  I’ve been googling photos for the fifth day in a row now and convinced that mine looks like a monster invading my breast. 

I’m just really curious to see what other people’s experiences were initially going in.  Does everyone get a BI-RADS score?  Do they all start out with “There is something definetely there, let’s see what it is with a biopsy” or “there is something there and it looks like cancer” or “there is something there but it’s probably nothing to worry about.” 

Hi TruLeah

Yes all are given a BIRads, 4 is suspicious and needs a biopsy to make sure. I had something similar to you a few months back, my biopsy came back benign( they almost always do). The waiting is the hardest part your head goes all over the place. Fingers crossed you get good results