Waiting for biopsy results (scary)

Hi everyone, 

Im reeling from a call back from my mammogram appointment where the doctor has found a 3cm lump. Lots of biopsies including under arm and now have to wait 10 days for results. Next appointment is with surgeon which doesn’t sound good. Nurse warned me against googling and sent me here instead which seems great. Anyone else waiting for news?

Trying and failing not to panic!

Hi @Ravencat  - welcome to this lovely forum, although obviously I’m very sorry you find yourself on here. Your nurse has given you very wise advice about not googling. It is very tempting to google symptoms, but google doesn’t know you or your specific case, and may well come up with wrong information. Much better to ask questions on here, or you can call the lovely nurses - their number is at the top of the page - 08088006000. They will be able to help both with medical questions and also support.

I’m not medical, but there are also non cancerous reasons for lumps - such as cysts and fibroadenomas. Sometimes these too need to be removed. I don’t know what is normal procedure at breast clinics, whether everyone gets to see a surgeon/doctor when they receive their biopsy results - I saw a surgeon when I got my biopsy results, and mine were unfortunately cancerous.

The waiting time is probably the worst as your mind will probably be going at 100mph, imagining all kinds of scenarios. One book I have reminds us that “Fears are NOT facts” - so if you can, and it’s a lot easier for me to type than actually put into practice, try to deal with what you actually know. Also try to take one day at a time. See if you can find distractions - easy to watch box sets, chats with friends, whatever helps you best. Also be very kind to yourself - don’t beat yourself up if you can’t stop yourself googling symptoms, you are human. And do use this forum as much or as little as you like/need during this waiting time. Everyone on here understands exactly how you feel, without any explanation. I’m happy to chat and hold your hand while you wait for your results.

Sending hugs and strength, Evie xx


Just checking in on you and seeing if your feeling well and you’ve had your results and treatment plan yet 

Sending positive thoughts 


I was told Friday I have breast cancer following a mammogram and scan and biopsy from both boobs, although the consultant said the biopsy results will confirm this, she said the lady who carried out the tests is very experienced and is confident it is cancer.

A cancer nurse mentioned an operation, tablets for 5 years and possibly chemo but said wont know anything for sure until biopsy results are back. I’m soo scared and can’t think of anything else, feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, have hardly ate or slept properly since Friday, Any tips on how to get through this period of waiting


Hello there, I’m probably at about the same stage as you. I was abroad when my biopsy results came in and my consultant phoned to give me the brief details. Tomorrow evening I have a face-to-face with him for the full breakdown of the pathology report. I’ve been running on adrenaline but am now beginning to crumble a bit. How did you get on, do you now have a treatment plan to focus on? Hope you are still staying away from Dr Google - I’ve had a quick peek at what he thinks, never again!!!