Waiting for biopsy results - the longest wait ever

I only went to my GP a week ago by Tuesday this week was at Breast Screening unit 

been before for routine mammogram and 10years ago with a lump which was benign.

really thought the same would happen this time but 4years later - mammogram/ unltrasound / biopsy 

lucky for very quick appointment - 

CT scan and Radioisotope appointments arrived today 

words like Concern - suspicious- 

11mm in size - 

biopsy results tommorow - I am literally counting down each hour 

I am sure there is something wrong 

My colleague had exactly the same doctor / tests / scans and did have breast cancer - 2years ago 


so worried 

Hi BizzyLizzy,
Thinking of you for the appointment tomorrow, as ever, it’s the uncertainty of the unknown which is so hard to handle.
If you want to, do let us know how you get on.
ann x