Waiting for biopsy results

Hi everyone
About 8 weeks ago my 2yr old daughter elbowed me in the right breast whilst try to get off my lap, about four days later I noticed a hard mass, I left it over the weekend to see if it disappeared and by Monday it hadn’t so I telephoned my GP and got an appointment. The GP wasn’t concerned with it as the skin moved over it etc so she said to leave it two weeks due to where I was in my cycle and if it was still there to go back. Two weeks later it was still there so I went back, during the two weeks the lump/mass had changed size, it was definately more noticeable in the mornings and over the course of the day it would reduce in size. I tried wearing support bra’s to bed at night and it did help to keep the size down. I explained all this to the GP but on the safe side she referred me to the hospital.
On the 29th May I had my hospital appointment, I was asked how younger I was and what had happened but that was all, I was given chance to expain everything as the consultant wanted to examin me. Before I knew it he had called a radiographer and I was having a ultrasound. At no point did either the radiographer or consultant tell me what they had or hadn’t found - they just talked over me and at one point the radiographer told me " you change your lifestyle it is not good, seatbelt injury can lead to cancer" but I could make her understand that it wasn’t a seatbelt injury and that it was from a two year old keep elbowing me when she is on my lap trying to get off and changing position - they then ordered a biopsy which sent me into a further spin as I am needle phobic to which the radiographer said “no-one likes needles so we are all needle phobic” Biopsy took about ten minutes and I was put in a small room with no explaination as to what was going on. As I am 33 I was told I would not have a mammogramme but before I knew it I was called in by another nurse and taken for a mammogramme.
I then waiting in the main reception for an hour before the consultant called me back in, I hadn’t even sat down before he said “Ultrasound and Mammogramme indeterminate see you on 15th June for biopsy results”
I am complete working myself up for the worst results and worrying myself stupid.
The lump has became a lot harder since the biopsy but continues to change size but it is very tender and sensitive now too.
Any words of wisdom or general support would be gratefully received I am so worried about my future.

Hi Sam

Sorry you’ve found yourself here and that you’ve had such bad treatment so far. It’s a hard enough time even without such poor treatment and the waiting is in a lot of ways the hardest part, do try not to worry and remember 9 out of 10 lumps are not BC. If you’re not happy with the treatment so far your hospital may have a PALS service that you can contact to raise the issues with. Before my BC dx I’ve had various problems before, my previous consultant was very abrupt and I was so glad when I got a different one this time.
Did you meet a Macmillan nurse when you had your biopsy, perhaps you could give her a ring or call the BCC helpdesk, they really are brilliant.
Try to keep busy and hopefully Friday will soon be here. Do come back and let us know how you get on.

Best wishes

Just to keep updated - I had my biopsy results yesterday and unfortunately I have grade 3 breast cancer so I will now be undergoing an MRI on 28th June to determine size and help the consultant decide on what surgery and then Chemo.
I am coping OK or as well as I can but I must be strong for my beautiful 2 year old. I am more worried about losing my hair.
I am prepared to lose a breast and have already said if that is the case I would like reconstruction done at the same time but wondered if the breast would look completely different to each other and wether they would take both as a precaution and reconstruct both?
I am very lucky that an old school friend has been in touch through facebook and still lives close to me and has gone through treatment for stage 3 grade 3 breast cancer.
Please if anyone can offer advice of what treatments I am likely to have and side affects I would really like to hear from you.
Thanks Sam1106

Hi Sam

I’m sure others will be along soon to offer their advice and support, in the meantime, I thought our Resources Pack might be of interest to you. It contains lots of information to help you understand your diagnosis, test results and the various treatments available and can be ordered through this link:


Also, if you feel it would help to talk through your concerns, do call our Helpline, they’re great listeners and can direct you to other sources of support and information if necessary. They are open Weekdays 9-5 and Saturday 10-2. 0808 800 6000.

As you have been diagnosed, you might find more support by posting in the ‘newly diagnosed with bc’ room.

Very best wishes.



hi sam i havd a 1cm lump grade 3 .so far ive had a lumptomy and a node biopsy …then had second op to have nodes removed as 1 came back positive both breast and rest of nodes came back clear but they still want me to have chemo and rads …u will get thro this its hard but we all find the strength from some were i am due to go thro chemo 29th of this month and ive had my hair cut short ready …if u need to talk u can message me any time .please keep us updated whats goin on …this site is lovely lots of lovely ladies on here that can help u thro it xxx i have 8 children and 42 xx

Hi Sam
you seem to be having rather poor treatment in terms of ‘people skills’ - not good at all.
Two suggestions for you:
At every appt make full notes, or take someone with you to make notes, so you can read it all through at home and prepare questions to ask. When you get positive dx you should get a breast nurse allocated to you and that is the person to phone with any, absolutely any, worries and queries. They are brilliant and they’ve heard it all before. You should also get a full information pack - if not contact this website and order it yourself.
Second, recon surgery has advanced dramaitically in recetn years - there is a book ‘The Boudicca Within’ showing ladies standing naked and proud after radical recon surgery. Your clinic may have a copy, if not it’s about £15, or maybe your local library could get it for you. Recon surgery will offer you surgery on the ‘good’ side to get a match so don’t get in a stew about that just yet.
every best wish, and don’t forget to drop in to this website at any time