Waiting for biopsy results

Have a 2 .5 cm mass and had mammogram and ultrasound. Results due next Tuesday, consultant said it looked suspicious, but when he left room, breast care specialist nurse basically said I had breast cancer. Not sure what to think. My mother was with me and she also got the same impression. I thought they could only diagnose after biopsy results. Confused and worried.

I am sorry you have had such a difficult and confusing experience. I was told by the consultant at my appointment that her gut feeling was that it was cancer and she showed me the mammograms and explained that they looked so suspicious it could hardly be anything else. However she did ask me first if I wanted to know then or wait for the results and was very gentle and kind. You could ring the BCN and ask why she said what she did. I don’t think you should have to wait til next week and they are there to answer our questions. I hope you get some answers soon.