Waiting for breast appointment- lumps but clear mammo and us

Hello all, 

I am a 29 year old woman sporting a firm, not-very-mobile lump on the upper quadrant of my left breast, a long vertical crease/dent on the same breast that slightly changes it’s shape, as well as a newly prominent (like practically bulging) vein running down the side of my breast and behind the nipple.  I went to the doctor straight away when I noticed the dent and vein back in October-had a mammo and US and though the doctors didn’t directly palpate the lump I reported (couldn’t feel it when I was laying on exam table i think, as I have massive breasts), they had me mark exactly where I felt something with a little marker during the imaging to indicate where they should pay particular attention.  The imaging came back completely clear, and I was told that my breasts are nearly all fat.  Both the US and the mammo found nothing suspicious and I was giving a BIRADS of 1.  

Several months later and I am seeing the crease is slightly more pronounced as is the lump itself.  I went back to the GP and insisted that she felt it exactly as I can, while sitting upright and leaning forward.  When she was able to feel the lump, her demeanor changed and she immediately said (very vaguely) just “thaaat’s different… lets refer you back to the breast specialist”.   

My appointment is coming up this week- not sure what further imaging they will do.  I have severe OCD health anxiety and it’s just so hard for me to figure out when and how to trust the imaging results if completely clear fatty breasts on a mammo and us still leaves room for doubt… it is utterly maddening!!!  Trying not to read too much in to anything but I also just can’t shake the insistent dread I feel right now underlying all my normal day to day activities- I have tried to stay busy in advance of the appointment but this whole business is casting quite the shadow

I came here hoping to hear some of your experiences in regards to imaging and also just to vent- thanks so much for any who take the time to read and share their perspective!  It felt good typing all this out <33

All the best, 


I’m so sorry, Hayley, you’re going through this. But honestly good for you for making appointments when you saw changes. Not everyone as young as you would be so conscientious. At any rate I know you’re scared and there’s no way for anyone to tell you not to be. This kind of thing is scary. However, odds are way on your side that whatever you’ve found is benign. The best you can do right now is to get your appointments finalized and then you’ll know. Let us know if you need any other support, have questions or just need to vent but know we all understand how horrible this time is. But it will pass and once you have your answers, whatever is it, it gets way better.