Waiting for Breast Clinic Appointment

Hi all, 


I am 28 and have over the past few months had pain in the side of my left breast (near the armpit) and noticed an inverted nipple. Until I searched online I had absolutely no idea that an inverted nipple could be a sign of anything sinister, so I’m kicking myself as I don’t for sure know how long it’s been inverted for. 


I visited my GP who examined them and said she also noticed ‘not so much a lump’ (as she worded it) but a hard area where I explained I’ve been having the pain. She told me she was going to refer me to the breast clinic and everyone is seen within 2 weeks. This was 2 days ago and I feel like I’ve been waiting a lifetime already. 


I have a 19 month old and am so worried that it’s going to turn out to be something awful and that I should have gone sooner! I keep looking at my precious little girl and feeling so upset/worried of getting bad news. The waiting is awful ?.  Everything seems to point in one direction only and I feel like I’m stuck in such an awful place right now. 


I know nowI just need to wait to be seen by the breast clinic… I’m just finding the waiting so difficult and I suppose I just  needed to put it down in writing to people that potentially have an idea of what I may be going through! 


Sending lots of or love to all you strong ladies (and men) xxx 

Good morning,


I know exactly how your feeling I’ve got a 13 month old, I can’t feel a lump but have a small area of dimpling/Puckering under my right breast. I’ve been to the gp once about 2 month ago and she couldn’t feel any lumps or thickening and wasn’t worried. I’m going to make another appointment for a breast clinic referral because me being me i Google constantly I’ve now got it in my head something might be there and she’s missed it.


It’s hard with the worry I try to forget about it but it always springs back up.


Sending big hugs



I’ve got my appointment with GP tomorrow so hopefully I will get the referral will let you know x


Hi! How are you doing?

I unfortunately know how you feel and it doesn’t matter how old are our children. 

I found my lump after the period and went to GP. She said that it feels like a syst. 

What I read on internet it comes as aC. 

I feel physically sick. 

I have got two children 6 and 11.

My hospital is on 24of June. It’s so long…