Waiting for chemo

I was told by my consultant that after my surgery two weeks ago, my results came back and that my cancer had gone, I had never dared let myself think that this would be the case and I cannot believe that it has gone. However she now tells me that I have to now have a course of chemo and then radiotherapy, and I dont understand why. I have an appointment to see the oncologist on the 19th march. I did ask why and she just said it was because the cancer was a grade three and was not hormonal, that I didnt have to have chemo, but that she would recommend that i did as a safeguard. I am so confused. Is this normal. Anyone else in this situation.

Hi Libby. Someone will come along closer to your experience soon but the oncologist will want you to have the chemo and rads as extra precaution so don’t panic. I had nodes effected so chemo is standard for that, even when they have taken the nodes out. I have just finished chemo and rads but found joining the group of women going through chemo the same time was a huge help. You will get through it and there is a whole battalion of us willing you on. J x

Hi Libby
I ws told after my op that the cancer was gone and that i would most probably only have to have Rads.My sentinel node was found to have cells aswell, but none were found in any other nodes. I was torn and felt that i wanted to have the chemo too. In the end it was taken out of my hands and the team said I would have both chemo and rads as a precaution. I wanted to throw everything at it. I know its not 100% that it wont come back, but i know that i cant say ‘if only id had that’.
Im just about to have my 3rd dose. As J says above joining a thread of ladys going through chemo will be a great support. I know mine is. Im on Febraurys one.
Gill x

Hi lindyloo and southerlucy, thanks for your messages its always so good to know that I am never alone, had a bit of a tearful day as I just feel like crying all the time, makes me feel guilty as I know their are other lovely ladies going through much worse than me. I am seeing the oncologist on the 19th March so I will find out how many sessions I will need, or are they all the same. I am also going to find out If I can have the cold cap, and see If I can hold on to my hair. Its my twin girsls 18th birthday in July, I hope that I am ok for that. The breast cancer nurse said that it was up to me if I wanted the chemo, but that they do like to throw everything at it to prevent it coming back. Anyhow trying to take one day at a time at the mo. Thank goodness for these forums I am so grateful for all the help that I have received from other ladies . Hugs to everyone elaine

Hi Libby12
Im in the same boat as you i was told mine hadnt spread none of my glands involved grade 3 and no hormonal and i have got to have chemo and radio as preventional measures i cried alot as i didnt want chemo but if it stops it ever coming back we need to do it my oncologist on 28th march to find out when i start be nice to get through this together as we seem to be in same situation
lots of love Tracy xx

Hi Tracy thanks for your message, oh it would be good to see each other through this, I am dreading the side effects, but I am going to try and remain positive. I have been looking at the chris woollams web site and got a couple of his books from the library, his advice on supplements seems to be good, went to holland and barrett and got a few things to support my immune system. Will check with the oncologist to see if this is ok. Are you going to try cold cap!. I am if I can but have been told that i would have to travel to clatterbridge which is a fair distance from me, but it will be worth it if it works. All day I have been thinking why ME, just feeling a bit low, I a seem to go up and down alot. Work phoned me today to see how I was , just dont know when I will be back. Tracy did they tell you how many sessions you might have, I am hoping not many, but I dont really understand this. take care of yourself lots of love Elainex

Hi Elaine im so scared of the side effect my biggest fear is losing my hair im going to give cold cap a go it worth a try
What have you brought to boost your immune i need to get some im looking at manuka honey it expensive not sure if it really works
Some days i feel really low other days i feel ok its a rollercoaster ride thats for sure
I think im having 6 session but will tell me on 28th i just want a start date im sick of waiting
take care good to talk
tracy xx

Ladies - scary times, this are! (I sound like Yoda!!).

There is a whole bunch of us going through chemo - it is ‘customary’ to have a thread for each month’s new chemo starters, so you can share your experiences and get support from people who are at the same stage in their treatment.

You might want to look in the March one (or any other!!!):

I’ve found this website invaluable - it kept me sane in an insane and worrying time!