Waiting for Chemo

Hi, I’m grade 3 HER2+ breast cancer, I had mastectomy and immediate reconstruction just over 5 weeks ago, the tumour is out but cancer cells were found in some blood vessels so I’ve been told I will need 4 rounds of chemo and 17 rounds of herceptin to give me the best chance of the cancer not returning.  I’ve met with my oncologist however I’m yet to get a date for when the treatment starts, I understand that because the cancer has been found in the blood vessels there is a greater chance of the cancer spreading to other areas, I am very anxious about the waiting and I just wondered if there are any others out there in my situation ?x

Hi Gabriel01, I was her2+ and was 56 days from surgery to chemo, so about 8 weeks and i queried, and was told it was well within the guidelines, so try to relax, i know it’s a worry, i’m sure you’ll get your date really soon. X

Hi Gabriel. I had my mastectomy in the middle of October and saw the oncologist last week. I have to undergo chemo (6 sessions) and a month off, then radiotherapy (15 sessions). No idea when I will start chemo but see the preparatory team in mid December. So that will be 2 months in from surgery before I see the team and presumably will get a start date. I expect this is normal.