Waiting for clinic

I’ve been plucking up the courage to write this, I havent got anyone else to talk too as only my husband knows. So i’ve had pain in my left breast on the outer edge for so long i cant actually remember but over the last month or so it has got alot worse, I cant sleep on my front anymore and when my little boys cuddles in I wince and have to change sides, Last wednesday I noticed some swelling to the left of my breast bone under my collor bone so immediatly made an appointment, The doctor could see the swelling straight away without even touching the area, upon her checking she also found quite a large lump. she has referred me and im there next thursday, Im a complete wreak, Im just getting myself more worked up and would hate to be wasting anyones time, Which is probably why i never went about the pain when it first started and then i keep thinking well its my own fault if it is anything sinister because i shouldnt of ignored it. Surely it cant be BC im only 36, very heathly otherwise, Im just feeling completely lost and isolated so really just needed to vent, Im so sorry xxxx

Hello Coltrim,
Sorry to hear you are going through a difficult time at the moment. I know it is difficult, just try taking things one step at a time.

On tge realistic side, yes people can get breast cancer at all ages, including yours. Statistically, it is more likely not to be cancer. However, no one can tell you one way or the other until it is checked out at thoroughly. So, congrats on going to the GP and getting things moving in the right direction. I hope someone can go to the appointment with you if you need it.

You are not wasting anyone’s time so don’t be apologising for anything. If you prefer to talk directly with someone, there is the Breast Cancer Care UK freephone number 0808 800 6000 open today 9-1and M to Fri 9-4.

Hope all goes well at your appointment. Take care Coltrim x ?