waiting for core biopsy results

Hi all, just writing as I don’t want to worry friends and family too much. I had a fibroadenoma identified at a breast clinic in 2006 and was told to keep an eye out for breast changes. I lost weight after the birth of my now two year old and in Jan noticed the lump was more prominent. My gp said it felt the same size but since it has grown and I now have skin dimpling.

Gp referred me back to breast clinic and I had a ultrasound and core biopsy yesterday. The consultant said I had to go to our local hospital for my results and made an appt for me. He didn’t give any indication of what he’d seen.

The fact I have to go back for results is making me fear the worst as the nurse who did the physical said if I needed a core biopsy I’d get results by letter.

Finding it hard to stay positive and dreading the week-long wait.

Thanks for reading…

Hi mrsMeeg
Show your post…back in September 2013 I was recalled from my first mammogram as something looked suspicious. I had to go to another hospital outside my area for a 3 hour appointment where they did another more thorough mammo on my left breast, then ultrasound then 5 samples taken from core biopsy. It was all very scary and at the end the nurse gave me an appointment booked at my local hospital in ten days from then. To see the breast team to discuss my results. I was convinced it was something serious and those ten days were the longest of my life. The day of my appointment arrived and two hours before the appointment the consultant who I saw for the second mammo phoned me to say my results were clear, the team had looked at them that morning and to come back in 3 years for next mammo but keep breast aware which I do. Sorry for the rant, but if I can just take away a bit of the fear you are going thru and let you know of a positive outcome out of this horrible time you are going thru…the waiting is the worst…please try not to worry…easier said then done I know only too well…you will get thru this and I am sending you positive vibes!!! All the best and let us know how you get on?
Big hugs