Waiting for Core Results

Hello, I’m so nervous I’m waiting for the telephone to ring following two core biopsies last Monday the nurse said I’d get a call today to let me know when my appointment will be, how long is normal to get an appointment? I feel like I’m going mad just want to know whats going on and what I’m facing although obviously an all clear would be fantastic and the best news ever.
My story so far - I went to the drs on a Thursday after finding a little lump in my breast, was fast tracked to the local breast clinic the following Tuesday where I was then booked in for a mammogram, ultra sound and core biopsy the next Monday, it was following the mammogram that they said there were infact two legions and one was “very concerning”, apparently it is deep in my chest wall does this maean anything and that they then wanted to take two biopsies to be honest didn’t find it too bad once had heard the clicking sound. I thing I’m finding things so hard as I’m a bit of a control freak.

hi eozev

what a worrying time especially if they havent given you a date for your appt… we always give a date for results at the time of biopsy… there is nothing worse than not knowing when your going to hear something… even if your not a control freak the waiting is hell on earth.

but remember we have all been there before so if you need to offload feel free.

fingers crossed they get back to you soon so you know what your dealing with.

Love and hugs

Lulu xx

I really hope you get your appointment soon and that it’s not too long to wait. All the waiting and uncertainty is very difficult. Wishing you lots of luck x

Thank you LucyC and Lulu for your kind words its amazing how it helps. My appointment has arrived got to wait until Friday 11.30am only 39 and a half hours to go

Its the waiting we all have to go through at the begining that can be so bad. Especially as they have not got a date for you.

did they give you the number of your breast nurse? you could ring her and she could chase it for you if you have not heard yet.

I would think the reason they took two biopsies is that there are two lumps. And they wanted infromation about them both.

I am sure you know that 80% (or was it 90%?) of all lumps turn out to be benign, but that does not stop anybody worrying, everybody on here remembers what that was like and that is why everyone is so supportive

Thought I’d let you have a update unfortunately I found out today that both lumps are infact cancer

I am so sorry to hear that, do you know what kind of treatments you will be having.

I was diagnosed beginning of March, and after the first day or two of initial shock, it does get easier once you have something to aim for and you know what your up against.


SGL xx

Dear eozey

I am sorry to read about your diagnosis, in addition to the support you have here I am posting our helpline details and also a resource pack link designed for those newly diagnosed which you may find helpful:

Helpline 0800 600 8000 weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2


Take care

oh I am sorry, Its such a shock isnt it. No matter how worried you are waiting for the diagnosis you cannot realy believe that it is going to happen to you.

Did they say anything at all about treatment or do you have another wait for them to take it out to find out more about whats going on.

Did you go to the appoinment by yourself or did you have someone with you for support.

Remember that whenever you are alone and worried, angry, frantic, deptressed or just need more info everyone on this forum is here for you. There seem to be such a wide range of experiances from discharged in a couple of months to people who have been treated for much longer.

Oh, Eozev, sorry to hear your news. We are here for you! As is the helpline.

It’s a scary, horrible, lonely time, and you are at the most overwhelming place. What are the next stemps? Once you have a treatment plan in place you will feel a bit more in control and a bit better (although you’re still allowed to get upset and scared!).

Others will be on here shortly to impart with some useful advice (including Choccie Muffin’s very good advice to keep a notepad of all questions and remember that there is no such thing as a silly question). She told me this on my day of diagnosis (last month) and it is very good advice. Nothing worse than lying in bed, worrying about something that you could have asked your onc or breast care nurse earlier that day!

Sending lots of cyber support.


Hello all thank you so much for your lovely message, support and advice, I think I’m still in shock really one minute fine next a right mess luckily holding it together when children are about. My husband is being great and accompanied me to the appoitment yesterday we are hoping he’ll be able to take some time off but has recently started a job so will have to see how they react Monday.

Lucy unfortunately the primary resource pack is out of stock but hopefully I’ll be able to get hold of one in the near future as it looks great, I’ve logged the helpline number for when the questions stop going round and round and I can put them in some sort of order in my head and actually say them aloud.

Re Treatment I’m booked in for surgery the week after next looking at a mastectomy, of def one maybe both breasts,and removal of some nodes, my cancer is a grade 2 apparently they don’t know exactly what stage etc until after surgery, prob require rad as one legion is deep by chest wall, not sure about chemo yet.
What are peoples thoughts on reconstructive surgery? I’m in my mid 30’s and just don’t know what to do - because of rad been advised prob best to wait until after all treatments?
Have told my children this morning with the help of book Mummys Lump,great book, so proud of my children and the way they are handling such grown up news - bless them

Thanks again to everyone - you’re all amazing and such a help already don’t know what I’d do without you xx

Hello again.

I’m in my early 30s and am having chemo first. I have a 10cm tumour, grade 2 and lymph node involvement and will have a double mastectomy once my chemo has finished. I don’t know all of the details on the reconstruction, but have also been advised that reconstruction is delayed due to rads. My breast care nurse said I should expect to have a year between the operation and the reconstruction. Which sounds like AGES!! I have quite big boobs which are still firm and perky and pass the pencil test, so although they’re causing me all of this worry and I’ve fallen out of love with them a bit, I will still miss them! I can’t imagine being flat chested for such a long time and am worried about how it’s going to make me feel with my husband. Apparently if the chest area has this time to recover properly, they can do some amazing things with other bits of your body (tummy tuck at the same time? Thank you very much!) and the results will last longer. If you have implants they need to be replaced every 10 years - and as we are young and will hopefully get through this and have long lives ahead of us, a longer term solution should be considered. But they will discuss all options with you to make sure you go down the best route to suit you. Some people decide against reconstruction.

I’m going to the Young Women’s Breast Cancer Forum next weekend and will hopefully learn a bit more about all of this then.

Unfortunately, it’s just a case of one step at a time and gleaning as much information as you can along the way. It will seem less intimidating and overwhelming once you know what’s going to happen with treatments, reconstruction etc.

I hope your husband’s work are understanding (talk about cr*ppy timing, hey!). It is really good to have someone with you during appointments as it’s sometimes difficult to remember everything that went on when you’re mind’s all over the place!! There have been ocassions that my husband hasn’t been able to come with me, but I luckily have some girlfriends on standby.

It’s great that your children are such little troupers and well done for being open with them. It must have been really difficult. I don’t have any children (was hoping to before this came along) but my mum had breast cancer when I was little and wasn’t open at all. Children know when something is up, but I didn’t feel as though I could talk about it as she wasn’t talking about it so it was a very scary and lonely time. As such, I completely believe in being as open as possible to bring the family together and make them feel comfortable in asking any questions they might have.

I hope you manage to have a nice weekend.


Hi Eosey and Sandytoes, So sorry to hear of your diagnosis and the surgery you are facing. I had a double mastectomy due to cancer in both breasts last September and have been breast free since. I now have an appointment to discuss DIEP reconstruction with a plastic surgeon but am by no means convinced I will go ahead with it. I’ve not had any real issues about being breast free but sometimes get a bit fed up with the prostheses and finding clothes with suitable necklines. At least with the double there’s no issue with matching the breasts! My husband’s OK with it all and it doesn’t seem to have adversely affected any part of our relationship. Good luck to both of you with the journey ahead. BB xx