Waiting for mammogram + odd pain

Hey ladies. I am new to this forum. I am 37 with two little boys. My youngest is one. A couple months ago, I had a bruised feeling under my left breast, and I am fairly certain it was bruised from an underwire bra. The pain went away completely and hasn’t returned. However, a week or so after it cleared up, my left breast began feeling funny. Sometimes sharp stinging pains that just last a second and sometimes a tingling or burn/prickly sensation. Sometimes I can feel the sting/pain by pulling my arm in toward my breast and the other day I reached for something playing with my son and could feel the pain. 

I have examined and examined and could not find a lump. I have no redness, discharge, or other visible issues.

I went to my GP Friday and she felt around and said she did NOT feel a mass/lump, but the left breast felt a little different to her. Maybe tighter or more lumpy. I have super lumpy breasts normally. So, she said any time one breast feels different, she likes to order a mammogram. We have that scheduled for this Thursday. She also noted that I have a ton of tension and inflammation in my shoulder and ribs, which I have been feeling for a few months. I carry my son around and lug his extremely heavy car seat with that arm. So she put me on an anti inflammatory regimen.

I am not sure what I am looking for here. I am so worried I can’t sleep. I am having panic and cold sweats all night long. I wake up panicking. My GP said she would be surprised it it was cancer, but I am not convinced. She also said there are other things that tend to cause pain and statistically cancer isn’t the most common cause.

Has anyone had a similar experience? I am losing my mind and can’t stop thinking about leaving my little boys. 

@busybrunette  - I’m really sorry to read about the worries and pains you are suffering. I’d like to start by welcoming you to the forum and sending you a big hug.

You’ve done the right thing to come on here and offload and chat to others. The waiting time for tests is so so tough, and it’s hard for family and friends to understand that worry if they haven’t been through the same themselves. So chat on here any time you want a hug or support, everyone on here understands what you are saying without you having to explain.

You might want to consider calling the nurses on here, number is at the top of the page, to chat things through. 

In the meantime, while you wait try to keep in mind that the majority of referrals to a breast clinic won’t find anything sinister - and your own GP believes that it is unlikely to be cancer in your case. If you search the forum you will find lots of positive stories of people with similar worries who have been told they have nothing to worry about after their appointment. Of course it could be, but for your own sanity see if you can take one day at a time and deal with what you know, rather than let your mind race ahead (of course very much easier for me to type than to do in practice). And really try to stay away from Dr Google who really doesn’t know you or your symptoms, and will only serve to scare you.

I’m not sure I have helped at all, but please do continue to chat if I can help by listening. We are all right here with you, so message any time. Hugs, Evie xx

Hi I have similar , bruisy feeling but mammogram showed nothing. Bruisy feeling central and inner ,almost on the breastbone. Now waiting for referral 

Hi did you get a favourable out come?