Waiting for Mastectomy update I have had mine and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined it

Just wanted to say I was wrong about having a mastectomy it really wasn’t at all bad because I had immediate reconstruction so I have now miraculously got two breasts and a lumpy but flatter stomach. The lumpy bits are around the scars but are a small price to pay for having brilliant surgery. I can’t believe how well I feel now. I did have one day of complete horror when I felt awful. It was the day after surgery and a night of being woken up every hour to check on the diep flap to make sure the blood supply was working which luckily it was. They use a Doppler machine which makes a sound that shows a regular pulse is beating in the blood vessels in the flap. It’s weird to listen to it like the sounds whales make in the deep ocean.

I had so many negative feelings about mastectomy and i now realise it’s not such a terrible surgery. It normally leaves you no sensation where the old breast was so it’s painless now. I am also relieved the two tumours that were in my breast are gone and that the pathologists will be able to use the tissue for analysis to see what else was in my breast. After 56 or so years of its existence it was better to lose it than lose my life.

RIP my old left breast and welcome to the new one, courtesy of my tummy fat. I never knew it would come in useful. Nothing I did seemed to shift it so surgery has done the trick. I will always be grateful now to people in white coats. That is an enormous shift as up to last week I hated anyone in a white coat. I have seen the light at last. Even a seagull can learn not to shit on everyone. I had an out of seagull body experience last Thursday when I had my op. Shame I missed her majesty’s death but I was just out of it. Seagulls

I’m so glad your surgery went well! I haven’t had my reconstruction yet but I’m hoping to handle it okay. My double mastectomy was really quite easy. Hope your pathology results come quickly because I know that’s the last piece of the puzzle.