Waiting for mum's results

My mum found a lump and has since had a mammogram, ultra sound and core biopsy and she gets the results on Tuesday. We never thought it was anything serious as she thought the lump had reduced in size and must’ve been bruising, but now I’m worried.

The lady who did the scans didn’t give anything away but told her to bring someone with her when she gets the results which to me means it’s going to be bad news. They also did an injection in the armpit, which makes me think they know it’s cancer but they’re just trying to get more information about it.

Hi Nic,

Its really important to have someone there to help gather in the information. It’s not as simple as bad news or not bad news. It’s the details that matter. It may be a benign condition but there are options for treatment. It may be a form of cancer but classed as very treatable. 


What matters most is that your Mum knows that someone is there for her, and preparing to listen to the details that she might not be able to take in. 


On behalf of your Mum, I am saying thank-you to you for asking this question.



Thanks Nimbus.

I think I’m desperately convincing myself of the worst possible outcome so that I am prepared. Mum doesn’t seem to think it’ll be anything. It’s just that everything I’ve read suggests only one outcome to me and it has completely terrified me. She said she saw the affected white area on the screen but that’s all.