Waiting for mum's results

Hello all,

My mum ws diagnosed a couple of weeks ago.  She has a grade 3 23mm lump, and has had sentinel lymph node biopsy, a CT scan and a bone scan.  She gets the results tomorrow and I am petrified of what the future holds.

She is 72 and very fit.

The docs think that she should have chemo, then surgery, then radiotherapy, but I guess that will depend on the results?

I find a lot of the acronyms very confusing… and I have heard people talk about a ‘score’.  Can someone please explain this to me? 

One more question, is chemo always at the same potency, or does the strength of the dose change according to the size of the lump?  Does breast size in relation to lump size become a factor, or is it all about the lump?Thank you, and sorry if my questions are a bit naive.



I have just noticed that you posted on 16th so your mum should have had her results and treatment plan by now so depending on if it is still the same it sounds as if the Going Through Treatment, chemo thread will be a good one for you to post on to get the answers you are looking for


Sending you a hug x