Waiting for my clinic Apt on 16/08/21

Good Afternoon,

I visited my GP on wedneaday this week and saw the ANP who was amazing.  I have been suffering with left shoulder pain for about 5 days  that sometimes shoots into my armpit and chest above left breast - tbh after googling (i know I shouldnt have) i thought they were going to investigate angina as I had terrible indegestion too but after examining me and showing some concerns she has referred me to the breast clinic.

I cannot stop thinking about this now and am getting myself into a bit of a state as trying to pretend to family I am not worried at all but i really am, especially as breast cancer had not crossed my mind.  My mum had breast cancer in her forties (survived this thankfully but died in her 70’s (9 years ago) of COPD, Dad died 2020 from bladder cancer).

Have never missed them both more than just now and am feeling like my worries are spiraling out of control and im over egging a routine check up?

Not sure how I will get through the days waiting for the 16th 

Hello SammieT,

Sorry to hear about your breast clinic referral and that you’re feeling so worried about it but trying to pretend to other people that you’re not. Sounds like that’s making you feel even more alone.

Sorry also that you’ve lost your dad so recently as well as you mum nine years ago and are missing them so much.

Probably those you’ve told are just as worried as you are but everyone could be just pretending as well.

It is hard waiting those two weeks for your first appointment, there’s no two ways about it. Most of us on this forum will have done the two week wait. But, the days will go by and you’ll get there. Old saying but, take each day at a time - concentrate on getting through tomorrow (Saturday) then through Sunday, and so on. Try to do something to soothe your worries or take your mind off them - walking, talking, music, sport, meditation, anything you would normally enjoy or can concentrate on. Get support from the people in your life who care about you.

Remember that the majority of women referral to breast clinic don’t have breast cancer and you could well be one of them. There is also a Nurse phone line you could ring, which I think is open on Saturday mornings, as well as on week days. Their phone number is on this website.

Remember you’re not alone and if, or when, you need support from this forum, someone will reply. 

In the meantime, just take care of yourself as best you can. 

Let us know how you get on.



Hi SammieT,

Wishing you well for your appointment tomorrow. Let us know how you get on, if you want to.

Take care of yourself.