Waiting for my WLE operation for 7 weeks

Hi Everyone, I am nearly going crazy it is now 2 months since i was first diagnosed with Inavsive Ductal Cancer with a19mm grade 2 tumour.After my MRI scan i was told what my operation would be ,with a WLE and lymph nodes biopsies on 26th of March. And given the date of 13th May for my operation .I was told that i could go to another hospital to get it done but i really want this particular Surgeon to do it .I asked three or four times if this lenght of wait would make any difference to the outcome and was told it wouldn’t.The wait seemed do able,but how wrong can you be it seems like a lifetime ,it gets worse every day that passes.I keep thinking that it must be going everywhere ! I may have made a dreadful decision about waiting this long .I have 8 days left to wait now ,but it feels like 8 years!I just need to start my treatment whatever it involves .

Sorry to go on so but i am at my witsend .  Ellies xx

Hi Ellies…sorry you’re having to wait such a long time, I think sometimes that’s the hardest bit. Thinking of you, and hoping that the time passes quickly and that things go smoothly. Xx