Waiting for OncoType test results

The waiting game has begun!!! Was diagnosed with bc late September - total shock as only went for mammograme as my friend has just finished treatment and thought I’d better - to tick a box! Anyway -  here I am. Have had surgery - and results are stage 1 grade 2. Wasn’t told bout this test till I went to see my consultant after the op - and got a real shock cos I thought chemo was out of the equation with having clear lymph nodes!! The onco test has only been offered in Scotland through the NHS for 6 months. I’m doing as much research as I can to find out the benefits of having chemo with this cancer grade - as like most people I don’t want to subject my body to it unless I really really have to. Keep thinking that if I’d been diagnosed 8 months ago I would be planning radiotherapy and the hormone tablet - end if. . Can anyone recommend any reading in this? Results due in 3 weeks. Thanks in advance xx 

Hi Arly, I am in exactly the same position as you (just started my own thread). I am also waiting for results for this test and am so so terrified at the prospect of chemotherapy. I was awake at 3am this morning worrying myself stupid. I wish I could offer you some words of wisdom. I thought with our grade, stage etc that chemo was not on the cards with me however they seem to keep changing the goalposts & the endless appointments are so stressful
When do you get your results?
Sending you good wishes

Hi arly/Sonia

I had WLE and 1 lymph node removal yesterday. Feeling fine but now the waiting starts for the results on 6th Dec. Am also dreading needing chemo. Was originally told this was 'unlikely ’ now it’s gradually been thrown in more and more as a possibility if not good results. He also mentioned about testing the staging to see how agressive it is that scared the hell out of me! Still can’t even believe I have cancer at all let alone it might be agressive!!

Rebecca xx

Hi again Rebecca,
I guess years ago they wold have done a mastectomy as standard followed by chemo then radiotherapy. Now thing are much more advanced they try to preserve as much & not do chemo if you will nit benefit from it. This makes the endless tests & waiting game just hidious when the end result may be the same! I can understand why people like Angelina Jolie take the radical decision to have a double mastectomy as an insurance that their chances of breast cancer are greatly reduced. Fingers crossed for all of us. S xx

I think we are very lucky these days as the outlook for bc 20/30 years ago was much different. And that surgery has improved so that they don’t automatically remove the whole breast. And also if they do they can reconstruct straight away which must be less distressing.

Hi Sonia - my results are due 7th December. When do you get yours? I know we’ll be well advised of the right course of action - doesn’t make it easier does it? Hoping my results don’t come back in the middle and I have to make a decision. Hope you get a better nights sleep x

Hi Rebecca - it’s such a bizarre feeling! It’s only real to me when I have appointments. You’re so right - things are being developed all the time. The fact that radiotherapy had the same effect now as having a mastectomy! It’s good to be chatting to you guys - we’re all in the same place xx

Hi Arly, I think my results for the oncotype test will be another couple of weeks & the results for my 2nd surgery should be next week. When I was first diagnosed low grade (that has sinced changed) early stage I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about getting calls from my GP etc offering support, I must have been really naive about the severity of the whole thing! I am so glad I found this forum & whilst I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, it is nice to talk to people in the same position. I have been walking for about 4 hours today as it is the only thing keeping me sane! S x

Hi Rebecca, one of my sisters friends had a double mastectomy with reconstruction. She now had the most amazing pair of boobs which she loves. I have been looking at the Lucinda ellery website in case god forbid I have to have C & loose my hair!! Really expensive but something I would do if I had to, there goes the new bathroom! I never thought I was that vain but just the thought of loosing my hair & eyelashes completely fills me with dread! Sorry I am not being very positive! S xx

Hi Sonia

Losing my hair worries me most. I know it sounds vain and I shouldn’t care so much when there is cancer on the scene but I have long thick hair that I am proud of. I have never had short hair even and would hate it. So I will be opting for the cold cap if it comes to it to try and keep as much as possible. What is Lucinda Ellery? I will have a look later. Xx

Hi Rebecca,
I am totally with you regarding my hair & I guess every women must feel the same. Lucinda Ellery is a hair specialist who can create something called an interlace system which you treat as normal hair whether or not you have any to start with. She has a few salons, one in London & one is Manchester (not sure where else). One of the newsreaders who has breast cancer (I forget her name but you can find her on the LE website) had the interlace system fitted as soon as she started loosing her hair. You need to have it maintained every 6 weeks but your hair will continue to grow underneath until it is long enough for extensions which she also does so you will never go from that pixie look whilst your hair is regrowing. I also think I would look totally weird without eyelashes & as I understand your eyes can get quite
sore during chemo if you wear false lashes. Crikey I must sound so vain but I would just hate for anyone to see me as a cancer victim. You sort of shouldn’t keep thinking about what may not happen but at the same time want to mentally prepare yourself in case it does. Are you working at the moment? I had 2 weeks off for my 2 operations but intend to go back on Monday as I am sure it is not healthy sitting at home constantly worrying! S xx

Oh yes I would totally go with that! Sounds great whatever the cost. I’m glad I found out about that thank you! ? I live in Kent so could get to London easily. I think the news woman who had bc recently is Victoria darbyshire.

I got signed off from work as soon as I found out as my head wasn’t in the right place and have a sick note until jan 17. My job is so boring and I didn’t have enough to do before I went off sick so wouldn’t distract me. If I was busier I would go back. In fact I was in the middle of trying to change career when stupid bc came knocking! I had to turn down an interview next week which was gutting. However if the results go right on 6th Dec I might try and go back before Xmas to get back to some normality.

Try and relax and enjoy your wkd.

Rebecca x

It is Jacquie Beltrao who has the Lucinda Ellery hair, it looks amazing!
Shame about your job interview, I am sure something else will come up & at least you don’t have to worry too much about work at the moment
Have a good weekend too, maybe Xmas shopping will be a good distraction!?
S xx

Hi S&R


how was your weekend? I met up with friends who I hadn’t seen for ages. One has gone through the whole chemo and radiotherapy. She was looking great … but it really brought me into the real world!! Two weeks seems a lifetime away - will be making the most of xmas nights out x 

I looked at the Lucinda ellery website it gives me some hope if it comes to it. It s not cheap but worth diving into my new house fund for!

Hi Arly,
Thanks for your msg.
Had a good weekend thanks. Came back to work today, I found it so depressing sitting @ home worrying about things! I have my results from last weeks op tomorrow which I am dreading. You are so right about making the most of Xmas nights out, something that I haven’t been very good at lately. I keep waking up in the early hours of the morning feeling so so anxious about everything. Thought I might go to the GP & try & get some beta blockers as the lavender oil is just not hitting the spot anymore! How are you coping with things? The waiting game is just horrendous & I am sure all this stress may be really harmful. S xx

Completely agree Rebecca regarding Lucinda Ellery! I hope & pray that it doesn’t come to that fo either of us though! How are you today? S x

I’m Ok but quite tired. The pain is getting better so that’s good. I get the dressings taken off tomorrow. I will have my fingers crossed for your results. Xx

I know how you feel Arly, I hate not being able to plan anything especially at this time of the year. I wish I could just turn my mind off which is not helping my situation at all! I never imagined this would be so hard & nothing has started yet regarding treatment. Thank you for your well wishes for tomorrow. I guess you have it a bit more of a wait? S xx

Me too xx