Waiting for op and joining the board

Hi , I’ve previously posted on another board but now feel it’s time to move over to this one . 

I’ve spent a few days reading through previous posts and have found them very helpful .  I’m diagnosed so far with Grade 3  ,ER+  1cm tumour , waiting for Herceptin result.  . Plan at moment , op then radiotherapy and hormones.   I had my pre op today and booked in for WLE and node excision on 30th Jan. ( funny how quickly you adapt to using the abbreviations! ) .   Felt very anxious yesterday after thinking I was coping well , still feeling it today .  Was hoping the chat with bcc nurse would help and in a way it has although I made the mistake of asking how likely chemo was .  The consultant didn’t seem to want to talk about that few days ago but on my asking , the nurse said it was as a possibility for me.  Obviously depending on the post op results.  Oh well , hopefully it won’t be needed.    The other outcome of the pre op ecg was that a heart scan may be needed before op, I wasn’t expecting that. So waiting on another phone call to let me know if the  anaesthetist wants that done . 

Another thing to add to the ever lengthening worry list !

Jo x

Hi Jo,
Glad you found us.
It’s quite usual to have up & down days as the anxiety of the unknown in the early days of diagnosis does send the mind into overdrive somewhat.
It can help with managing this by just taking it a stage at a time & to avoid thinking about the ‘what ifs,’ as until the picture is completed, it is only conjecture. It does feel a lot better when everything is confirmed & treatment starts.
As ever, it’s the uncertainty of not knowing which is worse.
Do come & chat or vent whenever you need to.
ann x

Hi Catwoman
It will be a rollercoaster but whatever treatment they give you will be best fpr your diagnosis. I have just conpleted my 6 cycles of chemo and they were manageable, not as daunting as I thought. I had lumpectomy and WLE and one node affected so I have asked for nodes to be taken out on 22nd January. Then rads. Treatment nowadays is so much advanced and if something crops up theres always a way to sort. The way I coped so well up to now is to remind myself that I have the chance to be mended and try to be in control and not google too much but come on here to chat to orher kadies as we all understsnd each other. Take a day at a time and although it seems like its taken over your life once you know your treatment plan you will feel better and can prepare yourself.xx

Hi Catwoman, leave all your worries. They will provide you with the best treatment till in practice. A detailed diagnosis will make your treatment more effective. I am going to have my mastectomy next week. Still, having anxiety but what gives me strength every day is God’s grace.