Waiting for Op Results

Good Morning,
As some of you may know I recently attended the breast clinic as I have been having problems with breast pain and an inverted nipple. I went to see the consultant last wednesday and had a mammogram and ultrasound which seemed to go okay. The consultant did notice thickening near the nipple and decided I would have to have a general anaesthetic so that they could check behind the nipple and take a biopsy.
Anyway, I was offered yesterday as a date for the op. I saw the breast care nurse after the op and she didnt say too much other than whatever it was they had removed it. Feeling sore and tired today but to be expected. Got to wait unti next week for the results.
Just want to say I have a total respect for all of you that are going through this, it it definitely a waiting game.
Kerry xxxx

It certainly is a waiting game I was dx on the 27th the although I didn’t get my results until the 7th march I knew by what the consultant said that it was cancer. I am in for mx on mon25th ans SNB I have two areas one is a IDC 50mm in size and the other is DCIS trust me to be greedy. It is only like two and a half weeks but feels like months.I have kept as busy as possibles but to be honest I really don’t know how I feel I’m not angry I’ve only cried the day I had my biopsy and having to tell my grown up children but as for the rest of the time I just feel normal!!! I also have a lot of respect for everyone on here and what we are going through.

Thanks for replying. I do hope everything goes well for you. Best of luck - kerry x

Hi I had mast and full clearance on 6th march, 3wks later and back for results tomorrow fingers crossed all is well .