Waiting for op to remove cyst

Hi, new to the forum.

Today I had an appointment at the breast clinic to assess a breast cyst I have had for 7 yrs. It’s recently grown in size and started causing me pain and discomfort.  Had ultrasound and mammogram, aged 40, and was told it has grown from 0.5cm to 2.5cm and close to skin. Dr has decided he wants to remove the cyst under local anaesthetic and send for tests at the lab. Currently waiting for a date for this.

I’d just like to know why he didn’t try and drain it with a needle first and if anybody else had a similar experience. Didn’t think to ask at the time as I was just expecting to be told its a cyst and no treatment needed as was the case 7 yrs ago.

Many thanks  

Hi @40yoMumof2boys  

A big welcome to this supportive and helpful forum. 

I’m soo sorry for your boob concerns. It is highly likely that his reasons are that it couldn’t be “drained” - is a solid mass, rather than a “sac” of fluid, or seroma or such, that can be “drained”.

But good that it is being removed, and then further tested.  I soo hope it turns out to be nothing to be concerned about for you.

Delly xx

Hello. My circumstances are different to yours. I had breast cancer (right side) in 2017. Last month I felt a lump on the left side. It was swollen and painful. I managed to see my consultant and she said it was a cyst, not suspicious, but she would put me forward for surgery to remove.

So I just wanted to offer you my support and let you know you are not alone as I am on the  waiting list to have surgery too. 

Michele x