Waiting for reconstruction

Hi all
Not been on here for a while as I finished my treatment in september 2010.
I was wondering if anyone can help me with time scales as to how long you have had to wait for reconstruction operation.
I had mx april 2010 on left side and have decided to have mx on right side and reconstruction on both breasts to give me peace of mind that it won’t come back again in right breast.
I have been on the waiting list since beginning of august and feel my life is on hold until I have had this operation.
What length of time have other people had to wait.
Thanks in advance
Chris x

Hi Chris
I also had my left mastectomy April 10 and was due to have preventative mastectomy and both reconstructed this afternoon.I was even marked up,gowned up ready to walk into theatre and it was cancelled at the last minute as there were no beds!
I haven’t had a long wait to get to this point though.I first saw the plastic surgeon in May this year and after seeing another consultant a few months later it was decided I didn’t have enough of a tummy to use so once the decision was made to go with expander implants I had a date for surgery within a few weeks.
They apologised and said I will get another date next week for the op within 4 weeks.
Just got to try and scrub all the marker pen off my chest now:)
I am Northampton area if that helps.Hope you get a date soon.

Hi Chris not sure if the waiting time will be longer for you as you have had a mastectomy. I only had a lumpectomy in April 2010 and had an appointment with my breast surgeon this Monday about having a reduction in the other breast. He said that he would like me to wait until my 2nd mammogram check in March and if all is well,then will be thinking about doing the operation sometime in April.Hope this helps

Franca x

Hi Chris

I had delayed Tram Flap reconstruction in Dec 2010. I went to see the Plastic Surgeon in Feb 2010 and op was done on 14 Dec 2010. That was in Scotland. I waited a bit longer for a particular surgeon. Glad I did, he did an excellent job, and I have had no bother at all.

Hope you dont wait too long.

Take Care

Carolyn x

Omg Tracy that must be so awful to actually get into hospital and have op cancelled, I really feel for you. I hope you don’t have to wait to much longer and do get your op in next 4 weeks. I was first referred to plastic surgeon in may but only put on waiting list in august. I’m having tram flap on mx side and ld flap on healthy side as I didn’t want implants.
I am in lancashire area.

Franca they tried making me wait until 2 year clear but I pestered that much that they gave in and I’m wondering if this is surgeons way of making me wait as it will be 2 years in Feb since dx.

Carolyn I don’t have a choice of surgeon but I’ve heard he is very good at his job so lets hope the wait is worth it
Chris xx

I had mx in Jan 2010 followed by chemo and rads. I was referred to ps in Feb 2011 and was given op date in early September but this was cancelled the day before op. I did get my diep op late September and have made a good recovery and very pleased with the results. I am in Buckinghamshire.
Pam x

Hi, I had my Mx in March 2010 and asked about reconstruction straight after my radiotheropy had finished as I was keen to get it done although aware that there has to be a waiting period after Rads to make sure the skin heals etc. I got to see the Plastic surgeon in July 2011 - and he put me on his waiting list which he said was about 8 months wait. However I have a date for a Deip reconstruction next week 24th November - I am so excited and can’t wait although a bit anxious too. I will then have further surgery to tidy me up etc in about 3/4 months time (apparently).

Hi all, I am also anxiously waiting for a date to go in for my diep reconstruction. I had a mastectomy in May 2010 followed by Chemo and rads. I was referred to the PS in May 2011 and got to see him in July 2011.
I was then put onto his waiting list with a wait of approx. 2-3 months.
Well I still do not have a date. I had a letter last month asking me if I still wanted to remain on the waiting list! I returned my form straight away as you can imagine saying yes. I rang them last week and they said that it was unlikely to be this year. Needless to say I am extremely upset and anxiously waiting.
Angie x

I had to wait over a year for mine & then another year for the second stage (I had igap surgery). Had further surgery on it 6 months after that & then a third op 3 months later (& I’m still not finished). It’s certainly no quick fix & I wish I’d known at the time how long it was going to take, I may not have gone down this road. However I have to keep focussed on the end result & that it will be worth it in the end.


I waited four years for mine following right breast mx and lymph node clearance - deliberately waited, and I’m glad I did. I got to grips with the (mild) lymphodema in my arm, sorted out my rad burns etc and dealt with the whole ‘I’ve got cancer’ thing, and got used to having one breast while I really thought hard about my options and also got myself fit.

That included strengthening my tummy muslces, and have just undergone TRAM flap recon, results are fantastic just 6 weeks post-op I am doing everything I did pre-op (except lifting anything heavy).

I am so glad I waited until I was truly fit and mentally ready. So my advice is there is no need to rush to reconstruction

Im 2.5 years down line waiting after a couple of mistakes by hospital one including giving me wrong medication 5 mins before double diep flap recon, their idea of fitting me in is another 9 month wait… back up to Newcastle tomorrow to see if get anywhere

I had a right side mx in February 2009 followed by chemo and rads. At my first year check up (I think around April 2010) I asked to be referred to the PS. The appointment came through for July 2010. She gave me a few options and sent me off for a month to decide which one to go for. I saw her again in August 2010 and went on the waiting list for a DIEP recon. I was told it would probably be about a year. As it happened it was just over a year as I had the surgery on 26th September this year.

I truly understand about the being in limbo sensation as I often used that phrase myself, but it did help to know that it would probably be a year so that for a year I didn’t really think about it too much and made holiday arrangements etc as usual. The last month or two were trying as I knew that I had moved up the list and was initially given a date in August. I am now recovered and this is my second week back at work (desk job).

It was definitely worth the wait and I am really glad that I decided to have it done :slight_smile:

I’m interested in this string because I had a bilateral mastectomy in September, one immediate LD reconstruction and one planned to follow after I’ve had chemo and rads. My last chemo is at the end of December and I don’t have rads appts yet but I’m guessing During Feb from what I’ve been told. I know they want for complete healing after rads before doing next reconstruction but I feel my active lifestyle is on hold until after I have recovered from this.

I have been expecting the op in the summer/autumn of 2012 which I can just about cope with - but am concerned re the long waits some of you seem to have had.

Should I be trying to get onto a waiting list now? Has anyone who wanted recon asap after rads got it done in a short time frame?

I do a lot of endurance events and so can’t get back to normal fitness in say six months so a gap between rads and op is no good to me unless it is clinically needed. It would just be more frustration, more annual events missed. Agh


I would say ask to be referred right after rads, although they will want it to totally settle the process of getting to see consultant and discuss options and think about it then back to see them can take a while so by the time all this is sorted you may be in a position to go on the list which could save you a few months waiting. Mine wait has been down to NHS mistakes such as leaving me off list and making a mistake pre theatre, all go now though after an official complaint can suddenly bring me forward.

Good luck

Thanks - I’m actually seeing my breast surgeon on Tuesday for deflation of new boob no 1 - hurrah! - so will ask him then.