Waiting for referral

Hi, I went to the doctors yesterday as I have been itchy near where my bra sits and there’s a small graze, on exam the doctor found a small lump in the same area where the bra sits, on the left, she said it was weird, she thinks it’s attached to my rib cage and didn’t know what to do, she said is probably a cyst, feels pea sized, and soft. She said the breast tissues it’s self felt fine.
She said I could go back and see her in a few weeks to be checked again and she said would I worry and I said yes, so she said she’d refer me to the breast screening. My grandma had breast cancer and died aged 63. No other history. My mum found a lump a while back and it was a cyst. She is now 64. I am nearly 37. Otherwise healthy. I have noticed I’ve lost a bit of weight I was always around 10st 8, not weighed myself for a while and I’m 10st 2. After I saw a friend and she thought I’d lost weight. I have quite a physical job in animal rescue and I lift weights. But I’ve never been able to loose weight, I’ve been vegan for 2.5 years. Sorry for the ramble! 

Hi dawn.s - welcome to this lovely forum, though I’m sorry you find yourself here. I hope it won’t be long before you get the reassurance you are looking for, but hope we can all help you get through the horrible waiting time.

As I’m not medical I’m not going to even guess what your lump might be, but I would reassure you that the majority of lumps are harmless and your GP didn’t seem concerned. It’s important, in order to keep some sanity, to try to deal with facts rather than letting your mind race ahead or worse still start asking Dr Google.

Instead now is the time to try to keep yourself occupied, with plenty of treats and kindness. That might be chats with friends, box sets, walks in the country or eating chocolate - whatever works for you. Also any time you have a wobble and want to chat, just come on here - sometimes it’s easier to chat on here to people who have gone through it or are going through the same, rather than speak to friends and family.

I’m sending you big hugs, and do feel free to ask any questions - perhaps you might have some about the breast clinic process. Evie xx