Waiting for results after biopsies for breast calcifications!,,

Hello, had to go back to hosp yesterday after results from my 1st mammagram showed I had calcifications in my right  breast. I had another mamo then was told I would need a biopsy as the area was so small. Anyway had 9 samples were taken wasnt as bad & painful as I expected. I was in quite a haze and I think she said there were 4 calcifications taken that were in a small cluster. I was lucky enough to have another lady at the hospital with exaxtlythe same diagnosis as me and she had the same biopsy & same amount of sample taken too, so we were comforting each other which was good,


Just the waiting now, I have to go back on monday morning for my results, I cant stop crying im terrified of the outcome. I lost my mum 24 yrs ago to breast cancer, she was only 49, she was diagnosed round about the same age as me, 47… It feels like history repeating itself. 


Any body else had these kind of calcifications?   Any advice on how to getthrough this waiting?  im trying my best to keep myself busy  with my children, but I feel so alone has I dont have noone else to talk too, my hubby has been great but I can only load on him so much… Thank you Evie x





Hi Evie
Just wanted to let you know I too had a core biopsy…5 samples taken as calcifications were shown. Agree with you that it wasn’t as bad as expected. The waiting game is horrible. One hour seems like a day! Mine was found in my left breast which surprised me as my right breast seemed more lumpy. Anyway, after 10 days waiting for results I found out my calcifications where innocent and told to come back in 3 years for regular mammogram. Please remember most calcifations are innocent but I do know the worry you are going through and no matter how much I say please do not worry, you still will. Good luck with your results on Mondsy… I’m sure you will be ok… Let us know how you get on.
Big hugs Katie x

Hi Evie, As it is so late, and I cant sleep, I just thought I would see who had left posts.  I do feel for you, I am awaiting results of 2nd biopsy, the first didnt show anything other than a cyst like lump.  Another consultant took the second biopsy 2 weeks ago, altho again the scan did not reveal any scares, but she wanted to be sure.  I now have another scan this Friday, and a consultant appt on 9th July.  Alongside this, I am now waiting for results of a gynea swab - the scan showed no problems, thankfully.   I find all the waiting, makes me anxious, it does most of us ladies, but I must admit the care and sensitivity I have received has been excellent.


I do not understand the term “calcifications” in your post?  Am I missing something?  This is still all quite new to me, but I do appreciate this Forum, website and the Health Unlocked website that I find helpful and reassuring.


I dont know if any of this helps you Evie, but I hope and pray you get some support, other than you hubby.  Drop me a post here anytime, I am always a good shoulder to cry on, and maybe we can boost each other up too.  Take care with kindest regards. Jane x