Waiting for results and appointments so blooming scared

Hi I was diagnosed on 18th July . Not really sure with what other than a 5mm def cancer and abnormal cells in another area. Following a routine mammogram , thank god for the NHS

Had a MRI on Monday , waiting for date for microbubble test on lymph nodes.

i know it’s the same for anyone waiting for results but this is killing me, I’ve had an upset stomach for over a week now , I know it’s stress related but feeling really grotty now.

I keep thinking they will have found more on the MRI ,my mind is going into overdrive, I just feel like I’ve been waiting forever.

I probably shouldn’t ask this , but has anyone else on the forum had more found on MRI than originally found on mammogram? 

I am awe of the strength all of you ladies have, not sure I will ever be that strong, just feel like curling up in a heap and never coming out.

thanks for being there ladies especially at “silly o’clock” , reading your posts helps to calm my thoughts

Hi, Oh the endless waiting is brutal and we all here know exactly what you are going through.

Did they tell you why they were doing an MRI? Not everyone has them but often it’s to see the extent of cancer within the breast to decide on what type of surgery to do, lumpectomy or mastectomy. 

Yes there can be more going on than a mammogram suggests but it’s best to know now so they can go down the correct surgical and treatment route from the off. 


As strong as we may appear here right now we were once that crumpled heap in the corner too, anxiety is awful and can make you feel quite ill but never lose sight of the fact that this is what it is and it’s not a sign of anything more, once you know exactly what is happening things calm down and you will start to feel more relaxed about it all Xx Jo 



Hi Nikki, Jobey is right in everything she says. The waiting is the cruellest part of your journey. I am about to start radiotherapy and know how you feel: believe me, things will get better…

Mine was 30mm. 

Hard to grasp I know but it is what it is and as you say, thank god for the NHS. I was told the MRI builds a 3D of your breast, to give your team the BEST POSSIBLE GUIDANCE on which surgery is appropriate: that’s how I got my head around it and it actually helped me so I actually found myself looking forward to surgery and getting my treatment underway. In between times I busted myself…walked a lot, read a lot…anything to stop the nagging ‘What ifs’ that try to get the better if you. Don’t let them grind you down! X

i personally didn’t have anything more on my MRI…but then again my cancer didn’t show on mammogram either! A biopsy (‘it’s not cancer, but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t biopsy that lump’ said the doc. Glad she did…and she was proved wrong) revealed mine. 

You will find so much support here by people going through / have gone through exactly the same. Just stay off Google! xxx