Waiting for results and terrified.

Waiting for results too!
Hi everyone, I am also waiting for results from a breast biopsy. I am 24 and I have two children ages 2&3 I found a lump on breast went to my GP she thought it was breast mice but referred me to the hospital to be on he safe side. I got my appointment a week later, I had ultra sound and they said there slightly too many certain cells ( sorry I’ve forgotten his exact words ) so they would do a biopsy he reassured me that if I had been 25 this would be standard procedure anyway and not to worry. I then went round to see the consultant who advised that she wasn’t worried at all and that it was defiantly benign and nothing to worry about she have me a leaflet and booked me in for a telephone appointment the following Friday, she then advised that they won’t give bad news over the phone and only to worry if I have to go back to hospital. Well I came away thinking everything was fine then I got a call on Wednesday to go back to the hospital next Tuesday to see the consultant as he needs to discuss my results with me, i begged them for more information as my husband is in he army and I was alone with my children most of the time but they said it was the earliest he could see me. Since then I can’t sleep or eat I feel sick and feel like I defo have cancer as I don’t know what else it could be ?

Hi Hammie and welcome to the BCC forums

Along with the support you will find here, our helpliners are on hand with practical and emotional support for you on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and Saturdays 10-2

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi Hammie24,

I’m so sorry that you’ve been put into this awful waiting room that so many of us have to suffer. It is the worst thing in the world, waiting for these life-changing results. And it sounds like you’ve been given the added worry of what the consultant said about only coming in if there’s a problem.

I don’t know about your hospital, but I know that mine will not give out any information over the phone. You have to go in for results, whatever they are. This will not stop you from worrying though.

I will say that you are very young and that the chances of you having cancer are very low, because of your age. It could be that they have found some other changes in your breast(s) or that they want to do further checks to clarify something.

The worst bit for you at the moment is that you will have convinced yourself it must be something awful, otherwise they’d have told you over the phone. Trust me, this is not always the case. In fact, sometimes, the bureaucracy can be a massive obstacle. There is protocol to be followed. For example, a nurse wouldn’t tell you anything over the phone. They would only be given the info that you’re wanted back in the clinic.

I sometimes think that the medical profession in these circumstances forget that they are playing with people’s emotions, mental well-being and the simple ability to get on with life! They’re not just dealing with breasts! Those breasts are attached to a person with feelings and emotions!

Another thing is, as your husband isn’t there to support you, I would strongly recommend that you talk to someone you can confide in. If at all possible, get someone to go back to the hospital with you. It helps to have someone there for support. Also, your mind will be doing overtime, so it helps to have someone to remember everything that’s said.

Hammie, try not to worry too much at this stage. Try to keep your mind occupied as much as you can with things that you enjoy, or anything that’ll keep your mind busy. It’s very difficult, but you need to get through the next few days… I promise you one thing, whatever you find out, you’ll feel better just for knowing. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Please don’t try and cope with this alone. If you don’t have anyone to confide in,call the helpline. They’re wonderful on there. Also, come back here for support whenever you need it

Take care my lovely. I’ll be thinking about you. Love Mel. xxx

I have to say, Mel, I have been reading posts on here for the past 2 weeks and you seem to be a real life angel to many people. You must have an abundance of energy and great emotional support yourself to be so supportive of other people!
I am waiting for results of a vacuum assisted biopsy that I had last Tuesday 18/3. I am due the results on Monday but have had a letter today, cc of the one sent to my GP which states they had to do this extra biopsy because they found “papillary lesion without atypia”!
Does anybody have any idea what this is?
I would be most grateful if someone does have some insight…I don’t want to google!
This hanging around and waiting is really hard work and you feel like things are all on hold.
As far as I know, Hammie, the hospital where I live won’t give any information, good or bad, over the phone. They always like to see you.
Best wishes to everyone…xx

Hi Mel,
I am very touched that you have spent time looking into this for me…and I am quite reassured about what you have found out. I realise that the medical profession need to be sure to rule out cancer if there is a chance and for that I am grateful to them.
I will settle down now and just wait I see what they say to me on Monday.
Once again, thank you so much for your help. You must be becoming a specialist in the subject matter now as you have advised all different people with varying scenarios!
Take care Mel.

Thank you Mel,
Have a good weekend yourself!
Take care,
Sue x

Just want to say, Mel, you were absolutely right. I have just come back from the clinic and they have found nothing to be worried about…benign changes!

I feel so relieved and so grateful for all the support that I have been given on this site. My message here is that more often than not, all the worry, which is agonising, is not always justified.  The medical profession is so hot on breast cancer, and they know so much about it that they have the expertise to pick up the slightest abnormality which then has to be checked out…which is good.

Thank you…especially Mel for all your advice. I am not totally sure of your situation but I wish you well and really feel that you are one of life’s ‘goodies’! 

Take care x

Hi Woozy

I’m absolutely thrilled for you!!! Now you can go and get on with life and put this stumbling block well and truly behind you, where it belongs!

Here’s to the future!!! Lots of love, Mel. xxx