Waiting for results of CT scan - feels like forever...


I recently had a bone marrow biopsy and thought the Haemotologist would tell me that I could start treatment to rectify my anaemia and chronic tiredness- no, I got told that I had cancer AGAIN and I was being referred to oncology. Have met the oncologist once alongside the BCN specialist nurse where it felt like I was being asked about 100 questions. 

The general diagnosis is that yes, I do have Secondary Cancer and they needed to do more tests to see where it’s spread to.  Had the CT scan last Wednesday and am next seeing the onc on the 9th Dec. When I was diagnosed with Invasive Lobular breast cancer back in 2005 from seeing my GP to having the mammogram and being diagnosed was in the space of 10 days. I now understand why people say waiting for results is so stressful - I saw the onc on the 18th and it feels like a lifetime ago.  Anyway thanks for reading this  but I’ve spent hours on my iPad today (!) and sleep is calling. 


Hi Ruby, I’ve acknowledged your other post, but am trying to see if I can offer a bit more support. Your MDT will be meeting to discuss a range of factors including your cancer(s). health, lifestyle , previous diagnosis will all impact on what is decided. That’s the reason for the hundreds of questions . So, yes, the waiting is a nightmare , but better to get it right than make a mistake. My team meet weekly, always supposing the tests and scans fall in the right place! So it is normally two weeks waiting. However, NICE set time guidelines , so hospitals have to respond within those limits or are penalised . There are so many meds out there for different mets that I think choosing the right one is vital, don’t you? Perhaps there are really new ones out that you may be suitable for if you fit the guidelines? It all takes time when, if you are like me, you think you don’t have time to spare. I am on a trial drug and have had a couple of months ‘holidays’ from it to give my body a rest. My mets didn’t  grow, so I’m a little more relaxed about the situation now. I’m sending another big hug, a bouquet of ?, and virtual? to help you on your way. Let us know how you get on. X