Waiting for results of SLB and WLE.

Was diagnosed 21st march with Invasive mammary breast cancer from a core biopsy. Since then i’ve had op, (last week 17th May). Still feeling very surreal by this. Very nervous about getting results next Tuesday. Saw my doctor today as have slight infection in my breast :frowning: and did ask her if she had heard anything back from hospital but she said no. This has got to be the worst waiting time ever!!!
Anyone else been diagnosed with invasive mammary carcinoma as have looked but can’t really find any info on it?

Good luck everyone

Penny x

Hi sweetie, welcome to the horrible club that nobody wants to be in. I don’t know anything about your diagnosis I am afraid, but hopefully somebody else with the same diagnosis will come along. You could always give the helpline a call tomorrow, there absolutely brilliant, the number is 08088006000. What I will say is stay away from google, it will scare you half to death with things that are probably not even relevant.

Good luck and keep us all posted.


Thanks Stargaze Lily, thats exactly what i’ve been doing the last week or so and yes it has scared me, i have realised that is was bloody stupid though as there are so many different diagnoses and grades of cancer. The only thing i can do at the moment is sit and wait :frowning:
Hows you anyway?


Well this is my second time down this road! My mum was diagnosed three years ago and I also found a lump, from start to finish was about ten weeks till it was found to be benign after a lumpectomy. I did exactly that googled everything going and scared myself witless!! This time round, when I do have cancer, I have stayed away from google and only read the bcc leaflets they give you at the hospital when you attend appointment, and I have enough of those to open my own reference library!! lol

I am not bad, I had an MRI scan last friday and will get the results next tuesday and will find out what surgery I am going to have. Its already been kinda decided a full mastectomy as they didnt get good margins last time but my nodes were CLEAR!! I had an infection in my breast after surgery, it wasnt pleasant and my breast actually exploded and all this gunge came out lol but it was fine, just a bit scarey at the time.

Please please please keep away from google, its really not a good place to be. I feel for you as the waiting is certainly the worst bit. Which part of the country are you in.

SGL xxx

Ohh same day as me for results then.

I’m in Bournemouth on the South Coast. I’m also 36, live on my own with 3 boys. Got great family support though, although my mum is finding it really hard to come to terms with she hasn’t left me alone for one day since diagnoses, bless her.
Good news on your nodes but sorry to hear that your having a mastectomy.
These are all the things that keep going around my head at the moment - whether they got clear margins? how bad the cancer is? whether its in my nodes? its just a whirlwind of not knowing.
I’m glad i went to docs today to have breast checked as think i may have a slight infection but by the sounds of it nothing compared to what you had, how awful for you, that must have been so painful.

Penny xxxx

Hi there yes, lets hope we both get lucky next Tuesday!!!

I love bournemouth, what a beautiful part of the country to come from, my hubby and I often go there for long weekends as its beautiful.

I have been on both sides of the coin, and I can tell you this, it was much much worse for me when mum was diagnosed, than when I was. When its yourself you kinda find some strength within to cope, but when it’s a loved one its so much harder. I cried so much when mum was diagnosed and every week bought her flowers to show her how much I cared for her.

I can totally understand your fear about the nodes, that was what i focused on the whole time, would they be clear, would I need chemo, its a very very scary place to be and you will have good days and bad days, and angry days and ok days. Cancer is sh** but the thing I try to focus on is most people with breast cancer survive.

I hope I have helped a little bit.

SGL xxxxxx

Hi how did you get on hun, been thinking about you.


Well it was good news, no nodes involved and got clear margins.
The cancer had grown double the size since diagnoses though and was an aggresive type 3. I’m also triple negative too on the hormones.
I think this is good news, well i’m pleased anyway that is hasn’t spread :slight_smile: as that was what was scaring me the most.
They have said that chemo will probably be the next step and i will get an appointment in post to see specialist in week or so as treatment anyway will not start for a good month or so yet to let me heal.
I still feel a little confused as still no definate treatment plan.
Suppose to get my little book out and ask lots and lots of questions with the specialist.

How was your results?


hi all. im also waiting for results fo wle and snb. im getting them tommorow @ 3.50pm. im dreading it…fingers crossed for you all…i no i will not sleep much tonight…xx

Rxcellent news, shroomie.

I wouldn’t worry about the difference in size from scans to surgery, the scans are only ever an estimate, and depending on what angle they look at it, they don’t necessarily get the right size. Mine turned out to be smaller than it appeared on the scan and I am CERTAIN there wasn’t any shrinking going on (Grade 3 too), so please don’t think it doubled in size, it almost certainly didn’t, honest! Have a chat with the helpline or your BCN for a bit more information on how they measure them in a scan, but really, it’s highly unlikely that it grew, even being Grade 3, the measurement on the scan was probably inaccurate.

long Lashes, good luck for tomorrow. But for today, what are you planning to do? The results are what they are, and worrying about them at this stage won’t change them but might get you upset, so try to distract yourself from the worry as much as you can. How about a bit of retail therapy, or a long walk with the dog if you have one, or what a lot of people (not including me!) do, and go bananas with the spring cleaning? In any case, try to fill your day today so you don’t have time to worry, and are tired enough by bedtime to have a good sleep, or as good as you can under the circumstances.

Thanks choccie, very reassuring :slight_smile: hows your treatment plan going?

Good luck for you long lashes, this is definately the most horrible bit. will be thinking of you xxx

Thats brilliant news hun, I am really pleased for you, its always such a relief when the nodes are clear. It really was the thing that terrified me the most. I am really pleased for you.

My results were good too. They didnt find anymore cancer on the MRI scan, so the doctor has suggested we go for another WLE which is 1st July to see if we can get clear margins as there was still cancer in the remedial margins. I am thrown into total confusion abut the mastectomy part of it, as three of the male doctors, two as my old hospital and one at the Marsden are saying remove it as we cant be sure there isnt more microscopic disease, but the lady doctor is saying while she agees about they cant be sure, that I will be monitored very closely and it would hopefully be picked up, but its up to me what I want to do. She said if its regarding the worrying it will come back I might as well have the bilateral because she feels I will still worry if I have one left (she has obviously worked me out very quickly lol) but she has said by having this operation in July, I am buying myself some time to think!!

hi all. im back again. weel good news today clear nodes thank god. thats what worried me the most…clear margins as well. and upto now they say im equivical with herception, tissue has been sent to other hospital for more testing got to wait another to weeks for results to determine wether ive got to have chemo hes pretty sure i dont but have to wait and see. defo have to have radiotherapy. im ova the moon cant stop this girl smileing…hope everyones results were good today thinking of you ladies xxxxxxxxxxx

Brilliant news girls :slight_smile: Long lashes i’m so pleased for you, so little celebrations for you last night i hope!!

Stargazelily i’m really pleased that your mri came back clear that is such good news :slight_smile: Shame about the undecisive op though, but i’m sure you’ll know what to do when the time comes, and at least you will be monitored very closely if you do decide on another WLE.

I did phone the helpline yesterday just to have a chat as been worried about being triple negative. Just wanted her opinion on whether she thought that they would definately want me to have chemo, she did say that i most probably will be needing it. Just trying to get my head around it at the moment as know in a few weeks i’m going to be really frightened of side effects :frowning: also said that i’m worried about recurrance already and she said that was completely normal. Was really nice to talk to someone but still just a big waiting game.

Hope everyone has a lovely day, the sun is shining here so gonna sit in the garden :slight_smile:


Good news on the clear MRI, shroomie, well done and enjoy the garden. If you do end up having chemo then I won’t say it’s easy, but for most people it’s manageable. And though it seems like an eternity before you start, once it gets going the clock just ticks along and you do what you have to do to get through it.

I’ve just had FEC5 out of 6 (hence the temp change of avatar, I’m feeling a bit like the avatar looks at the moment!) but I’m that much closer to the end. Not so brilliant is the knowledge that there’s a year’s herceptin to follow, and rads, and tamoxifen, so the slog continues. But I suspect it’ll be fine on the conveyor belt once I get on it.

And if you do have to have chemo there will be others starting around the same time as you who you can keep in contact with on here. I’ve found this site invaluable and I swear I wouldn’t have got through this so well without it.

It is so good to read all your posts ladies. I am also waiting for results of WLE and SNB. I thought once the thing was out I would feel more positive and I think I do but not knowing if there is node involvement or what the treatment plan is is really bringing me down. However it is so reassuring that everyone has the same thoughts. Of course to make matters worse I was told I would get my appt date through the post this week and yep you guessed it, have not heard a thing! God bless the NHS.
I think I might ring my BCN see if she can push things along
Jane x

hi janeruth, i felt the same. thought id feel so much better cos “the lump” was gone. lasted all of 2 days till i worried bout "the nodes!!!) wishing u well, the waiting is pants but we can do it! ive had 12 of 20 rads and think im getting back to whatever normal is? tired and fed up of this whole c rubbish but will come out on top. have 2!! with love alex xxx