waiting for results, so fed up


I need some advice please. I had my first mammogram post dx and mx surgery, 3 weeks ago, found it quite painful as had 3rd op on unaffected breast not long ago. The “very off hand” radiographer informed me that I would get results only when I had my follow up appt with my breast team. This is over 6 weeks away and when I mentioned that to her, she was very indifferent and said that was how it would be! (She also wanted to mammo my diep recon before I pointed it out - didn’t even read referral card).
I have contacted the BCN and to be honest, they weren’t much better than the radiographer. I feel so worried, after all we have to go through, don’t they realise the stress of this waiting?
My question is how would you proceed? I feel like going to PALS and put in a complaint but am worried this will have a detrimental affect on further treatment, but can’t quite face the BCN again to be told to wait for breast team appt. Am I being unreasonable?
Any advice gratefully received,

A very “FED UP” Marjay

Hi Maggie,
Im realy sorry to hear that you are still waiting for your results to come thorugh from your recent mammo 3 weeks ago ,6 weeks seems an awfully long time to me to have to wait for results so im not surprised your fed up.
I dont think some people in the medical profession realise just how awfull the waiting for results can be for us with BC unless of course they have personal expierence of this themselves.
When i go for scans or mammos i know that the results are usealy back quite quickly (usealy within a couple of days for scans, mammos a bit longer proberly due to national screening) though the appointments for results are not usealy made for at least 2 weeks because of haveing to be seen in the clinic.
I have always rang the clinic after a few days to ask whether my results were back, and if they were i have asked if someone could please ring me with them as i explain i find the wait is so distressing.
I have luckily always been fortunate that my clinic has done this for me and i think it is good as it also saves appointments being taken up if not needed for any other reason.
I know not everyone would like results over the phone but for me i would prefer that than the awfull wait so it works well for me.
Could you try ringing your clinic? or the secretary of your consultant? usealy they are very much more understanding than the radiographers who only preform the scans and are usealy not able to tell you anything untill they have been checked by doctors.
I hope you are able to get some answers soon as i know i wouldnt be happy about waiting 6 weeks either.
Good luck with your results anyway Maggie , im sure if there was anything to worry about you would have proberly heard quite quickly so try not to worry too much (easier said than done i know), il be keeping everything crossed for you that all will be fine.
Love and hugs to you
Linda xx

Hi Linda,

Many thanks for your comment, I just feel sooooo fed up with the whole package, I have reached my “year” and had expected things to start looking up, but, having a 4th op on 2nd Nov and now waiting for results means its just dragging on. Couple that with my hospital telling me how lucky I am to be treated there as they have such a good reputation - world renowned and I guess that I have high expectations, just that they are not living up to. I know that you are probably right in that -no news is good news etc, but just can’t help wondering silly things, like has the letter with results gone astray etc… All daft I know but I feel like I am back at the beginning with the uncertainty of waiting. I will give the unhelpful BCN a miss and will ring the Cons sec to see what the results are.

Maggie xxxxx

Good luck Maggie, you have certainly had a lot to cope with this last year , so massive big hugs to you , im not at all surprised that you are so fed up with it all now , im here if you ever want to chat or just want to have a rant about everything so please feel free to PM me anytime if i can help in any way.

Take care and be kind to yourself
Love linda xx

Thanks Linda,

Will bear that in mind, I probably will take you up on your offer, Beware!!!
I am off now to be the chauffeur for my eldest. No peace for the wicked as they say!,

Massive Hugs to you,

Hi Maggie,

I had my first mamo post Dx last Wednesday. I’m not due to see BC surgeon until December. The radiographer said they would tell me results then, but she suspected they might call me before if anything shows up. I’m not sure if I should give them a call and ask for results or not. I agree it is an extra stress that we could do without. It’s difficult enough that I am faceing the one year anniversary of Dx tomorrow.