Hi, Does anybody know the normal time you have to wait for your resuts,I had my Fibroadenoma removed 2 weeks ago yesterday(Thursday) and Im still waiting for my biopsy results.Ive rang the hospital several times and was told that they still were not back yet,and also that she couldnt give me my results over the phone and that my consultant will be in touch with me shortly.
I seem to be waiting forever,.Im hoping that they will be clear,but I still have that nagging doubt at the back of my mind that keeps popping up now and again.Thanks x

I think this varies quite a bit from hospital to hospital. I was told up to 2 weeks but I got an appointment through a bit sooner than this. I would expect them to prioritise the more urgent cases so hopefully no news is good news. The waiting is so hard though isn’t it. When you next ring (if they don’t contact you first) you could explain how anxious you are and maybe ask if you can speak to a breast care nurse who may be able to give you a better idea.
Maybe someone else will know more about fibradenomas.

I would of thought you should of heard something by now…maybe as loobytuesday has said…no news is good news.
Can you not see if your GP could hurry things along?
My surgery …WLE to results was about 2 wks I think…so maybe you’ll get an appointment to get results soon…or maybe they’ll write to you with results…when I had another FNA recently …which thankfully was ok…I did get results from BCN about 4 days later… I also recieved the results in the post…which took 3 weeks!!!


I had my surgery on the Friday and got my cancer confirmation the following Thursday but this was a private hospital using a private lab. I have read on here of ppl waiting 2-3 weeks. Rign your breast care nurse and see if they can advise anything. Do you have an appoitment for the consultant or do u have to wait til he.she gets the results and then wait for an appointment after that?

Fingers crossed for a favourable result.

Hello lady,

When I had my core biopsy done, it was done on a Friday - got a phone call to come in and see the consultant the following Monday so he could give me the bad news - and not private either. My gut feeling is that if you’ve had to wait this long, it’s going to be ok. Really hope for you that it is - hope I haven’t said the wrong thing - if I’m wrong you can yell at me on Basket Weavers - just been on and no-one’s there!

Will be thinking of you,


i waited 3 weeks for results of my core biopsy,despite several phone calls,was told would not be given results over the phone,went back was told I had bc had immediate mastectomy then 3 weeks wait to see if it had spread so by the sounds of it ,depends where you are,which is beginning to be the norm.My diagnosise was in scotland which,once I was diagnosed were very good,unlike the care where I am now,in suffolk.by the way I went to the doctors in the jan with pain in my boob’which I had had 6 months.it was march before my mammogram,and end of last week in may til my core biopsy,so they didnt rush,but I didnt give them cause for concern at the time,at least thats what they told me then.All the tests I have had since this I have been given the results on the day,and I have had about 5 different tests since dx and keep asking,am I going to find out today,so dont know if thats the reason or not.whta is that anyway that you had removed? never heard of it.?

Hi thanks for your comments,Guess I will just have to carry on waiting,I went to my gp the other day when I took my son, and I asked the receptionist if any results had come back and nothing had.I understand about the dreaded phonecall as when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer I got sterelised on the wednesday and on the friday I get a phone call to tell me to go to hospital asap.
At the moment Im in so much pain as my boobs have swelled right up even though I dont have periods anymore I still have my ovaries which means I still get sore breasts.I was also told I had fibrocystic breast disease, thats why Im anxious to see the consultant so she can give me some medication for my breasts,They are both agony at the moment.

My lump was discovered on a rutine mammogram and they told me straight away that they had found ”something” and that I would be called back to the hospital for further examinations in approx. 3 weeks’ time. This was on a Friday. The weekend was horrible, to say the least. On the following Monday I went to the Breast Cancer Unit at the hospital at 8 a.m… and told them my situation. I said that I would not leave until I had the nessesary examinations to determine what was wrong. The receptionist said that I had to go home and wait for an appointment, which I refused. So I just kept sitting there. Two hours later a nurse came and told me to go. I said that I would leave on one condition; if they called the mental ward and had me admittet there, because this situation was literally driving me crazy. The nurse murmered : “I’ll se what I can do”

Five minutes later I got to see two doctors, one who did the ultrasound and a pathologist who did an FNA: I had the results by noon and my first operation 5 days later.

So what did I learn from this: Never stop insisting for help if you have the strenght to do it This is about YOUR life. In the end they will help you just to get rid of you.

NB. I have never ever been mentally ill, just saw a psychiatrist for a few months when trying to get my life back after the dx.

Good luck to everybody.


Dear Di,

I’m sorry that you still haven’t heard - the waiting and anxiety is enough to send us all straight to the nut house!

I would go with the others -that no news is good news, from what you say about your history, I would think it’s highly unlikely to be anything to worry about.

Maia - terrible that you had to become almost a nuisance to get seen to, it’s not good enough - but I really do admire you so much for what you did - good for you - as you say it’s your life, and you gotta fight to keep it. I know there has to be a system that we all follow through, but I often wonder if these people had something serious themselves - what would they be like?

Probably catch up with you on other ‘channel’ later Di, ha, ha,

Love to you all,

Well ow its Monday,I decided to ring hospital up again, and was told they are still not back.This is getting beyond a joke now surely x

Thats disgusting…they did actually send them to the path lab didn’t they?..only ask cos first FNA I had done I didn’t get results from and when I rang consultants sec., there was no details of slide going to lab…they did find it eventually though!!