Waiting for results

Hi all, I’m new to this so please bare with me, I am due at the hospital this afternoon for my biopsy results. A few weeks ago my younger sister found a lump in her breast, went to dr’s and due to our family history (mum, aunt & cousin all had bc) got an urgent referal to the breast clinic, had mamogram & biopsy’s and thank god all came back ok.

I decided to go and get the dimple on my boob checked out (had no idea this could be anything to worry about). I too got an urgent referal (had to wait 2 weeks due to easter holidays’ had a mamogram, ultrasound and 5 biopsy’s taken from a “mass” and go back late this afternoon for the results, I have been quite possitive since my sisters all came back clear, but now i’m in panic mode and all I can remember the doctor saying is that there is an “attachment” to the skin and this is going to be a difficult week, I must prepare myself, do they say this to all paitents, I know I should have asked her that but was in shock because I didn’t think it was anything to worry about.
I would appreciate any responce or thoughts on this

Yes I agree waiting is the worst of all, and waiting for the unknown is even worse. Last time around, the waiting for the biopsy results was the worst. Even worse than knowing it was positive. At least then I knew which battle I had to fight. Hopefully your result will be negative, but until you know, the only words of comfort I can offer you, is you are not alone, if we are not waiting, we were, and we all know it is awful. Bev suggested to listen or read the words of the “Hero” by Mariah Carey. Don’t know if this is allowed but here is the link: metrolyrics.com/hero-lyrics- … carey.html
Love to all who have had to play the waiting game

Hi ickleme and welcome to the forums,

I am sure many on the forums will have an understanding of how you are feeling at the moment, in addition to the support you have here, please feel free to call our helpline for a ‘listening ear’, the line is open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2 on 0808 800 6000.

Take care

Thankyou for your post, it is nice to know I am not alone (other half has not been much use) and so far I have not told my girls (aged 21 and 13 - no point getting them worried at this point). The best I am hoping for is a full nights sleep tonight because I will know either way, its just the not knowing.
Thank you for reminding me about the song from Mariah Carey, I have downloaded it onto my ipod and am going to take it with me later(actually just listening to it now)
Thank you
Tracey x

Hi, I read your post and its similiar to my position, went to the GP with a lump not really bothered as had a clear mammogram the month before but my sister had breast cancer so was referred to breast clinic. Unfortunately my results came back positive and I was diagnosed with Invasive ductual breast cancer grade 2. It was a complete bombshell to me as not expected at all. However the good side is at least I went to my GP, got a referral and got it diagnosed before it grew any bigger!

You will probably find most people who use this site are those who unfortunately didn’t get the test results they were hoping for and are going through the cancer journey. As once people get the ‘all clear’ there is no need for them to come back for info/support etc.

I was diagnosed in January and I have been a regular on here since then, reading posts and generally getting information which has been invaluable to me. Since January I have seen numerous posts like yours from ladies who are awaiting test results and who are very anxious and scared. I am pleased to say that in the majority of these cases they come back on here after the results saying the ‘lumps/masses’ etc were benign - I think the national results is that 90% of cases referred to Breast Clinics turn out as non cancerous. The stats are on your side!

I do know how you feel though and waiting for results in the worst. Try not to worry about something that may never happen, keep yourself busy and occupied (if you can) and take someone with you when you get the results so whatever the outcome you have someone there to support you in taking it all in and making sure you ask the right questions.
Good luck for your results and let us know how you get on.

Maria, Lucy & Saffronseed
Thank you for your kind words

Maria I have downloaded that song onto my ipod to listen to later when I feel I need insperation.

Saffronseed, thank goodness you were diagnosed early and I hope your treatment is going well.

My appointment isn’t till 4pm today (so its going to be a long day) and I was warned that the clinic is busy due to a backlog from the easter holidays, I know the stats are in my favour and have been very positive - till now, think I went into meltdown for the first time at about 4am this morning.

Everything is crossed and I will be back on here later tonight to let you know how I got on.

THANK YOU again for your kind words and support

ok was not good news today - its been a bit of a blur, and to top it I have had a few drinks tonight to combat the shock (eventhough i was expecting the worst)

I do have cancer, to start with they are going to do what is commonly known as the lumpectomy (cant remember full name as I have had a drink) and then radiotherapy, but as you all know it depends on what they find when the lump/mass is removed.

I am still positive and will prob have the best nights sleep tonight that I have had in the last 3 weeks (but that could be because of the vodka).

I should have my op within 3 weeks, if the anithatist can get back from abroad - couldnt get any dates for pre op ass or op today as all admin staff had gone home by the time I had finished talking to my lovely bc nurse.

Will be back on tomorrow morn before work and sober (I hope)

Thanks for all your support
Tracey xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello Tracey
so sorry that you have a diagnosis - not surprised you had a drink tonight, got to find some way of numbing all the emotions that you have to deal with.
As time goes on and you get more comfortable with the language, get a treatment plan and make sense of whats happening to you, things will get a bit easier, but for now you need to be kind to yourself and do whatever feels comfortable to get you through the next few days. Don’t be shy about calling for support, and share the info in a way that suits you and your own situation. There are no ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ here, just what works for you.
Lots of us will be thinking of you and are rooting for you
take good care
love, Monica xx

Hello Tracey
Sorry to her it was news you did not want, but I am sure you feel better than not knowing. Hope you did sleep well and you a raring to go this morning without too much of a head ache. My results are this afternoon.
Love Maria

Hi Maria,
Good luck for your results today, l will be thinking of you. When you get them it will be another ‘round’ over, then the next journey!

Hi Traey,
Well l hope the head is not too bad! and sorry your results were not as you would have wanted, but yes it is good to stay positive, the three weeks will drag, but then like everything else, it will come and go, and you will be waiting for results, like we all are. It then makes you a bit nearer whatever treatment you will be having, so every day is a step nearer
Goog Luck
Sandra xxx

Hi Tracey, sorry it was not good news. As everyone says we all know exactly how you are feeling and words cannot really describe it.

It sounds twee and I know everyone said it to me when I was diagnosed - but it does actually get better and you do start feeling there is a ‘future’. Within the ‘bad’ news you do get glipses of good news when you get to know more about your treatment and understand the magnificant stuff that is available these days. From deep down you seem to get some inner strength that you didn’t know you had!

I am sure freinds and family will rally round for you and also make use the resoures that are available on this website, the knowledge and information is second to none and individual support from ladies who are going through it all at the same time is invaluable.

Take Care

Hi, all
Thank god I dont do hangovers (am one of those annoying people that never get them) a friend of mine in birmingham text me to tell me that she had mine for me.

Its been hard telling family and friends, my mum took it worst as she has been were i am now and she blames herself for passing it on to me - they did talk about genitic testing at the hospital after I am sorted out as there are lots of different types of cancer in our family and by lovely breast care nurse said that some of them are connected to breast cancer. With having 2 girls aged 13 and 22 I would like them to know what the risks might be for them as they get older - and maybe they will be more closley watched than I was.

I’m keeping it simple in my mind at the mo, carry on as normal as long as I can, 3 weeks to op, then 2 weeks to results and then all being well 3 weeks radio therapy, oh and make sure I have lots of tissues in my pocket/bag for when friends look at me and burst into tears and start me off again.

You are all fantastic on here and have helped me so much during the last few days by your kind words and just being there for me, I am going to keep using this site in the hope that I can help others as you have helped me :o))

I know there is along way to go yet and everyone has been so wonderful so far

Lots of love and strength to all of you
Tracey x

Thank you all for your kind words


head was fine thank god … how did it go with your results ???


Sorry to hear your news, I really hope you feel like you know whats going on now and you have a plan of action. I had a lumpectomy yesterday on a benign lump but had abnormal cells with 20-25% chance of bc, so I now wait another 2 weeks for the histology results.

The lumpectomy op is actually less painful that the biopsy beleive it or not!! Less bruising and everything (this is my third one)though I had HWL (hook wire) again this time and the big needle came out L shaped again,lol… being 29 and small chested doesn’t help the breast care team let me tell you!

Hope you are feeling more positive, thinking of you and I thinks its a good idea to have your girls checked out given the family history.

Take care


Hi Heidi
Thanks hun, yer i have a better idea of what is going on now, actually not thinking about it much (thank god or i will scare myself to death!) after ringing the bc nurse i got the date for my pre op - 7th may then op before 21st may but no date yet.

I was lucky the biopsy didn’t hurt (or could it have been that I was in shock at the time) but was sore when the local wore off, and I have never seen bruising like it!!!

I have to have a wire in before the op, under ultrasound I am not gonna look this time to see size of needle etc and gonna make other half come in with me to hold my hand too(I am a real coward lol).

Thank goodness i have been blessed with bigish boobs so there is plenty for the nurses to get hold of lol.

I will have to wait 2 weeks for my results of the WLE to see if they have taken enough and what the results on the nodes are , then hopefuly it will just be 3 weeks of radiotherapy and then tablets.

One of my friends is having a mastectomy today and another had her last radiotherapy on monday (she had 8 months of chemo too) if they can do it so can I whatever the results may bring.

I hope that your results come back ok, will be thinking of you, if you get chance will you let me know how you get on? - we all have to stand together and support each other through the hard times, this site is fantastic and I for one would have been lost without it.
Take care hun, and once again - good luck xxxxxxxx

Hiya hun,

Hope you are not waiting too long for the op, all this waiting around is terrible isn’t it! My dh was not allowed in with me when I had the wire put in, at Calderdale Royal they wont allow anyone unless you are having a certain type of scan, can’t remember the word (bit long)but it wasn’t the one I was having anyway!!

The needle is pretty much the same as the biopsy one, but a little more flexible, and the radiologist will love you for your ample chest, lol, he was cursing me, he he!! I see you are from Leeds, I’m only down the road, in Brighouse (dare I admit that one in public?)

Please keep in touch, I keep everything crossed for you and really hope they get everything right first time for you, and of course I’ll let you know how I get on, but concentrate on yourself and getting yourself better (((hugs)))


ok finally got my date for my WLE & sentinal thingy lol am not up on all those medical terms yet. It still feels like it is happening to someone else but guess that will change when i go in on monday 17th may for the op.

Hope everyone is staying positive and keeping well

Heidi - good luck with your results hun, they are due soon aren’t they ??

love and hugs to all who use this site - stay strong !!
Tracey xxxxxxxxx

Trust you to be thinking of someone else! lol

I’m fine hun, dont worry about me, I get the results on Tuesday! I’m feeling quite positive and sleeping a little better lately :slight_smile:

Glad you have your date through, hope it all goes well and keep us posted with your progress, I keep checking in now and again to check how you are doing :slight_smile:

It will be fine, the only complication I’ve had this time is the wound has taken nearly 2 weeks to stop bleeding. No infection though thank god, just gone through alot of underwear, sheets and dressings, lol.

Thinking of you Hxx