Waiting for results....

I’m new and struggling with the waiting game. Found a lump, 3 days later saw my GP who referred me to the breast clinic. She did say she thought it was a cyst because it had grown so quickly. I had my appointment at the clinic on Good Friday and the doctor there also thought it was a cyst but sent me for a mammogram and said to come back next month just for a check up. Unfortunately not only did the mammogram show the lump wasn’t a cyst but showed there was also another lump in the other breast. I then had a scan, biopsies in both breasts and samples taken from my lymph nodes. I have an appointment for the results but by the time it gets here I’ll have waited nearly 3 weeks. I know everyone goes through this but I’m really struggling. I just want to know what I’m dealing with. I’m worried about work, about money, about treatment (funnily enough, I’m not worried about dying!). I’m trying to keep busy but I’m so up and down and I’m having trouble concentrating.

Hello Namaste

Welcome to the forums, I’m sure other users will be along to support you soon.

In the meantime you may find it useful to contact our free helpline on 0808 800 6000, opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 – 5.00 and Saturday 10.00 – 2.00.

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Hi Namaste

I’m very sorry that you find yourself in ‘the waiting room’. The worst place to be, when all you want is to find out what’s what and get on with treatment. First of all, there’s no reason at all why you should even be thinking about dying. The majority of us get through it and come out the other side. Another website you could visit is macmillan.org.uk/ as they will have information about financial or work problems. Good luck for your appointment and hope you will feel more in control when you find out what happens next.

Big Hugs
Poemsgalore xxx

This is the worst part of the whole thing. Waiting waiting waiting… There is no control and you are the whim of the waiting. Once you get your results it will all start speeing up and you’ll get the information you are after.
I’ll have my fingers crossed for you!!
Alison xxx

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hello 1 year on, and 1st check up this wednesday for breast cancer. could anyone tell me what happens on this appointment. i have had a chest infection and now find i am trippinng up and feeling swimmey when sitting down. my periods have not stopped too got heavier whilst taking tamoxefen x

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Thank you all so much for your replies. I’m still struggling but ‘only’ another 4 days to go! I really don’t think it’s gonna be good news even though anyone I’ve told has said it’ll be ok. Not sure what they base that assertion on but I guess they think it’s comforting in some way!
I’m fearing the worst but hoping for the best as they say :slight_smile:
Thanks again x

And to the lovely lady who PM’d me, thank you so much for taking the time to message me. I can’t seem to message you back but just wanted to know your kind words are very much appreciated xx

I think people say ‘you’ll be fine’ to comfort themselves. It’s hard for everyone involved, and they feel they should say something. Once you get your results it will be much better as there will be a plan of action - you’ll be moving forward.
Good Luck
Alison xx

Quick update… not good news. Breast cancer confirmed but thankfully only in one breast. I need to let the news sink in I think.

So sorry it was not the news you had hoped for. :frowning:

Evereybody says you’ll feel better once there is a plan in place, and you will! … but there is often loads of waiting time and the full picture doesn’t emerge until they have completed all the tests and often after surgery when they have a proper look at what is going on …

It’s a difficult time, but everybody on here goes through it and you’ll continue to find loads of support. Here you can say things that you might not feel able to say to your nearset and dearest, and there is always somebody who knows just how you might be feeling!

Keep posting! You will get through this. xxx

Sending hugs(((((())))))) and as Morwenna said you will feel better once you have a plan I did and reading on here I think a lot of people do xxx

I am also waiting on results as my core needle biopsy came back as malignant cancer but BCN says they think it has come from somewhere else in my body, that scared the hell out of me. My results were sent to a professor in Nottingham on 5th April, got a call Friday 19th April to say results are back and to go and see the BCN and surgeon at outpatients on Wednesday 24th April. As my cancer is rare i could have some other form of cancer in my breast but wont be classed as breast cancer. Anyone else heard this from friends or relatives. Anyone waiting for results is really hard, i have found this website so good as it helps speak to people in the same situation. I would love to hear from people as it always helps to stick together in times like these.