waiting for results

hi its good to read some of your theads, i am 44 years old and over the last 4 months my right nipple has been bleeding a few times. my gp sent me to my local breast clinc they found a cyst which they drained, but i still have a lump there is that normal? also they found blood in the discharge from my nipple, last thursday i had all my ducts removed from my right nipple to be tested for cancer, the surgeon said they could not see anything but i go back on 13/7/15  for the results. im feeling quite scared and wondered if anyone has had anything simular, it would be great to chat.

Hi candy, maybe the lump you feel is swelling from the cyst draining and duct removal? Your body will be recovering, and it can do some seriously weird things while it does it!
As your surgeon said they can’t see anything, If they say that, believe me it is a good thing!
I expect they are just double checking. Also, they will need to see you to make sure you are recovering from the procedure and give you advice for the future.
Hope all goes well for you :slight_smile: