Waiting For Results??

How do people cope whilst waiting for results??
when i was waiting for the results of whether i had this disease and whilst undergoing surgery. I did not cope at all well. I couldnt sleep or eat or function.
I vowed i will NEVER let myself get like that again.
However I have possibly got bone mets and am on the scans, tests, journey and also in some pain.
its the waiting that i can’t cope with, also trying to get on with normal life.
My college courses start tomorrow, then my work agency i have told i will be available for work Tues Wed. Got 2 weddings to go too in the near future and actually i feel like lying in bed and not getting up.
Be interested to know any ‘tips’ or ‘advice’ you all have as i know so many are unfortunately much further on in this horrid journey.

Thanks Rx

Hi Ruth
Sorry but I can’t help…I have got myself in a right old state just because of last Friday’s mamo. Felt shaky all day yesterday which culminated in a full blown panic attack about 8pm when I honestly thought I was having a heart attack. I sometimes think that I am going mad. Am in work today which I hope will help a bit, but my mind is constantly on the “what if?” - am wondering how much time I will need off work, how to tell my family, etc.
So wish I could be different.
Love Laine

Hi Ruth

Can’t really ansa your question as such, as think from being dx with bc and then waiting for results of mri scan, bone scan and ct scan, I went onto automatic pilot and my emotions were back and forth. Trying to remain positive and then fearing the worse. Unfortunately the worse came through as got liver mets. I didn’t sleep well most nights and had a glass or two of wine as well.

I think you need to try to think positive and hope for the best really. And carry on as much as you can as normal. There are many ladies on here that worry and then get told wonderful good news. And heres hoping that you are one of those. Sorry not much help I know.

Keeping everything crossed for you and sending lots of love and cyberhugs.
Take care

Hi Ruth

Really sorry you’re in the dreaded waiting game. One thing I find that helps is to allow yourself special worry/misery time. So I might think to myself that at 5.00pm today I’m going to allow myself to get really miserable about the worse possible results for say 20 minutes. What usually happens is that I can’t keep the misery up and my mind wanders…and then I feel better.

This works better for me than thinking positive which I’ve always been proundly irritated by (and what a failure you feel when you can’t.)

Very best wishes and thinking of you.


Am sitting here waaiting for the breast care nurse to ring - didn’t get the results of my last mammo so I rang the unit. I KNOW the receptionists can’t tell you anything, but I know you can all imagine how I’m feeling. She said half an hour, and it’s an hour now. Feel like you know what!!


Hi Jillie,
I really hope you are o.k. Feeling lots for you at the mo, the waiting is just so horrid.
All the best and lots of hugs
Scarlet. xx

please let us know what she said, hope its ok hun.

It was OK - but oh, doesn’t it bring it all back to the front of your mind? There was only one place I could register my fear immediately, and it was here. 4 years on and what would do without you! THANK YOU. THANK YOU!!! Love to you all xxxxxx Jillie