Waiting for results

How many of you are waiting for their pathology results? I’m finding this wait harder than the wait for the biopsy results :( 

I am and it’s torture, I have my appointment next Friday and just wishing I could jump ahead the whole week! Have you had an appointment through yet?

For me waiting for the results is the worst bit. It is cruel. Having been through it twice initally following the core biospy then with the lumpectomy results and I now find myself waiting again for the mastectomy and node clearance results. Back on the Roller coaster ride. Lou x

Me OAD I’ve had follow up appointment after the surgery come today & it’s not until April 18th. I’m so frustrated with having to wait so long. And then a friend has worried me as she said she didn’t see her surgeon again after her op & my appointment is with my surgeon. Why does all this have to be so frustrating. I’m trying to stay upbeat then things keep knocking me down.

Hi, I am also waiting for results, this to me is the worst thing, I have had a lumpectomy and node removal, waited three weeks got the results, no clear margin, back in surgery again, waited three weeks no clear margin, had surgery again last week and have to wait four weeks for these results due to surgeon going on holiday etc.  I really feel great most of the time but a shiver of terror escapes every now and then and the tears start. Anyone else like this?

Thank you so much for your replies it really has put my mind at rest. Dolina I’m so sorry you’ve gone through all that so far. And yes I feel o.k about 90% of the time & then something usually stupid will have me in floods of tears. It was the oncologist, Jo that my friend had follow up with, she never saw the surgeon again. All the best for Monday. Anita xx

Bless you Ruby, ive been through all sorts of emotions since getting my letter last week, was tempted to postpone but hubby said no point in burying your head, like you im sure im fine and now im 100% certain about going monday i feel ok, i assume im seeing my surgeon as hes on my letter but may just be a mammo, its got to be done and as ive seen no one since i finished rads last June will be nice to have a chat at least Xx

Ladies I agree the waiting is bloomin awful and I had many up and down days , the down moments just seemed  to sneak up and grab you out if the blue! I left hospital  with  the date for results 2 weeks later and then got a phone call the day before to say they weren’t ready so that extended it to 3 weeks.  It was just as well my gp had given me some diazepam by that point!  

Morning Ladies, I just wanted some advice really, I have not been sleeping well, I can drop off to sleep but waken up a few hours later and then spend a lot of the remaining hours worrying, I went to my gp about a month ago in between surgeries and asked for sleeping pills, he gave me 14, and those took me to the next surgery brilliantly but I have only 3 left and still have 3 weeks to wait, the question finally is will the GPs give me more sleeping tablets or am I just being melodramatic about wanting them or is it a reasonable request? Thank you

Dolina,  I would go and discuss  it with your gp. Mine gave me 7 days  of diazepam  to start with and had no problem extending the prescription  as she said this was to help in the short term and that  we could review options if required after that.

Hi. First time ever of posting. Nervous just doing this!! Diagnosed two days after my Dad’s funeral on 19 April. 4 cm tumour. Lymph node involvement. Hormone positive. Had a lumpectomy and full node clearance 2 weeks ago and getting my results tomorrow. I lost my Mum to this and am petrified. Have 4 children. Am in my 40s. Fell sick with worry at prospect of chemo. Any support/advice hugely appreciated. I have Bupa cover so at least have been treated quickly. Also have been prescribed diazepam by GP as struggling to sleep. Any comments gratefully received xxxx

Also, maybe this post is more suitable on a chemo thread but I am getting my knickers in an absolute twist about lymph mode involvement ( I know at least one is affected from biopsy but may be more) and the prospect of chemo. Any friends and family have had miserable chemo stories. Waiting for biopsy result on other breast too as calcification spotted on mammogram.

hi Kimucoughdrop. It’s a nightmare isn’t it. How did you get on? I hope it went ok for you? I’ve got the washing machine tummy today. Went back last week and they didn’t have clear margins from the surgery so I had to have a re- excision which has really set me back. Now wsiting for the results of that and worried sick.

Hi Kim. I totally can relate to how you are feeling. I’m finding it all so hard too. As you say, I too feel very different to my old self. In March I felt fine and now my life is in bits. I guess it’s a form of shock isn’t It. I really hope you get on ok with the breast surgeon today. Good luck. I went for my appointment yesterday and it was good news. They got clear margins this time. However by the time I’d waited for my appointment id worked myself up into such a state that I lost in big time in the waiting room. Like you, my Mum also had this awful disease and I sadly lost her to it 8 years ago. The chemo was a living misery for her and now I’m faced with it. I just want to run away! Keep strong Kim. It’s so hard isn’t it. Let me know how today goes. It’s great that you’ve got no lymph involvement so focus on the good news. Bookworm xxx

Hi again Kim. That’s spooky. Victoria Derbyshire lives close by to me - we had our ops at the same hospital and when I saw her blogs I contacted her via Facebook. She has even recommended me her wig lady!! Have found her very inspiring. I’m so pleased that the surgeon was pleased with you today. That good news. That’s the first important milestone. I’m very very anxious about chemotherapy but I guess we have to listen to the oncologist and keep an open mind? My surgeon said treat it like an insurance policy. Hard isn’t it? Big hug winging its way to you. Xx

PS. Im seeing onc week after next (need to have a breather next week - half term and have 4 kids) so we seem quite closely in our ‘journey’. Need physio for cording following lymph clearance. Like you will discuss percentages with onc and then chemotheraoy I guess. They also wonder whether I should go for genetic screening. A lot to deal with. As you say, we are not alone. Had my hair cut today and the stylist had even been through it and had just had her reconstruction. Weird what you can talk about even in a hair salon!!! X

Oh Kim. We seem to be on a similar roller coaster. I too have had a bad day today and have spent most of it crying. Yet on another day I can seem to paint on a smile and stick my head in the sand. I really really empathise with you. I know that doesn’t really help either of us but I do think its important to cry and not bottle it up in order to move forward. Yes, everyone on here seems so incredibly positive but I bet they will be the first to admit their emotions have been all over the place. One minute I think yes, I must try chemo, the next I’m crying and saying I can’t go through with it. I guess this mix of emotions is part of coming to terms with it all? That combined with sore boobs from surgery and dead arm from lymph node clearance has just tipped me over the edge. I keep thinking in early March I didn’t have a clue what was going on in my body. Where did you go to see the BC nurse at Macmillan? That sounds a great idea. Don’t know whether you can personal message on this site? I would be happy to do that. We seem in a similar state …when do you see your oncologist or have you already ? Do you have details of chemotheraoy yet? That’s the next big one isn’t it. I’ve talked to my daughter (9) about chemotherapy. She was so brave but said she was scared about having a bald mummy and I’m really stressed about that and chemo side effects too. My teenage boys are dealing a bit better. I really hope as each day passes you find more strength Kim. I think we have to be prepared for good and bad days. In the space of a few weeks so much has happened. Hopefully your oncologist will be positive and reassuring. Sending you a big hug. Bookworm xxxx

Will make sure I turn the instant message thing on. So sorry, I didn’t realise . Hope you can still send the message.

Good that you’re having the onco test. I’m not sure I will be eligible as I have a lymph node affected and u think they only do it for lymph free patients . Hopefully the test will help you come to a decision. What was the view of the oncologist? Did he/she strongly advise one way or the other? So hard. Hope you’re bearing up. X

I too have just received all the paperwork to see if I need to be genetically tested and would need to have that done in London. I lost my Mum to BC and both my grandmothers passed away before the age of 50 though not BC. I too worry for my daughter. Had a call from my oncologist’s secretary today and looks like I’ll be seeing him some time next week. Dreading it to be honest. I’ve been sticking my head in the sand a bit this week although reading up on as much as I can. There seems so much conflicting advice. I’m hormone positive - some info seems to suggest this as a drawback but my breast surgeon said it was a good thing as hormone treatment effective (though I know unpleasant). Confused.com. Still, the chemo question is the first big step I guess and that’s confusing too. So many posts on here query the effectiveness of chemo preventing a recurrence and that’s what in my case it would be trying to achieve. Don’t know how old you are Kim but I know they bring age into the equation as well as tumour size, lymph nodes, grade etc. I’m 48. All the best x