Waiting for results ....

Hello,  thought it was time to say hi ,  I’ve been lurking around for a week or so !

I found a small lump about three weeks ago and had an appointment at the breast clinic on Monday 18th .   After mammograms , ultrasound and core biopsies , I’m now having to wait for the diagnosis.   The consultant couldn’t tell if it’s benign or “something to worry about” from the scans .  I have an appointment on 5th Jan to go back for the results.   I’m hoping that as it’s over two weeks wait that she isn’t overly concerned or is it just that  things slow down this time of year ?   Trying not to overthink things but not easy .


Hi Catwomen, yes it’s so hard not to over think and try to second guess the outcome, biopsy results generally come back within a week or so , I would guess it’s a delay due to Christmas , again don’t read anything in to this but if it’s driving you batty wondering ring the clinic and ask why there is a delay, you can’t always think on the spot and come away with unanswered questions. Let us know how you get on Xx Jo 

Hello again ,    

Well I got my results today and I’ll be hopping over to the recently diagnosed board I’m afraid .   Not the result I wanted as it is Cancer - Grade 3 ,  don’t know the stage yet.   I’m now booked in for lumpectomy and node removal on 30th Jan , may be brought forward if there is a cancellation .    Then I have 3 weeks of radiotherapy with a possibility of chemo depending on further tests,  Waiting for the herceptin test results .   Oh and 5 yrs of hormone therapy.

As someone who never visits the doctor otherwise this is all a bit much to take in .  

Sorry I didn’t have more positive news for anyone who is still waiting for results and reads this.   

They did have my results ready before Christmas but didn’t want to spoil it for me !    Personally I would rather have known but I suppose everyone is different !

All the best to anyone else still waiting , it’s so horrible being in limbo. Xx


Hi Jo , I’m sorry you didn’t get the news you were hoping for and we are always sorry to have to welcome a newly diagnosed lady on board but I’m sure you will gain plenty of strength from reading and chatting across the forum as we’ve been through the lot between us here! 

Take things a day at a time and get your head around it all before you try and run too far ahead, it will all start to make sense and I’m sure like the majority of us here you will find nothing is actually quite as you may fear, you will get through it one step at a time and you have plenty of us here to help you  Xx Jo 

Thank you,  it is a lot to take in .  I’ll definitely have a look at the other boards and , I’m sure , find a lot to help me through this.     Didn’t  expect to have this thrown at me going into the new year, you just never know what’s around the corner do you . 

Thanks again for the reassurance x