Waiting for scan results

How do you all cope in those days before you get scan results? I have had mets for 5 years now and each time I go for results i think this is it, my run has finished. I must be hell to live with!! Just wondered if everyone else goes into a decline like i do, or do you just put it to the back of your mind? I dont even feel able to,plan anything past the end of this week, when I get my results (ct and bone). Love ruth x

Hi,Ruth, we all go through the same feeling. You try to get on with life then its result time and every thing comes flooding back. I don’t think there’s an answer,we just pick ourselves up ,dust ourselves down and try to get on with life the best we can until next time. Sometimes it’s hard but we all manage to find the strength even if we wobble now and then.
Huge hugs and good luck with results,Helen xxxxx

Hi ruth…I don’t think youre on your own there! Its always a scary time but I’m really encouraged reading that you’ve had mets for 5 years…I’m only 5 months on and always wondering how long I’ve got! Will it be next month, next year etc. Makes it difficult to plan things xxxxxx

Hi Ruth again… I think we all feel the same. It is 2 years today since I had my call back appt. after my mammogram, and also the day that I retired. On the 8th it will be two years since official diagnosis…and then next month it will be two year anniversay of mets diagnosis. I remember these dates absolutely, and yet sometimes have to look up the birthdates of my much loved grandchildren!!!