Waiting for surgery, tingling in the arm

Hello dear all,


I (38yrs) have an invasive Grade 1 cancer in my right breast. It is 5 cm large (popped up over night) and the lymph nodes are involved too, the rest of the body is clear luckily. I am having surgery in 2 weeks, and as you all know the waiting is terrible. 


It is a painful tumor, pinching at times, sometimes just dull and pressing because of its size, and also in the axilla I am getting the odd pinch. Now I THINK I am noticing a very slight tingling or pins and needles sensation in the right arm as well, and being aware of lymphoedema I am of course wondering if this might just have to do with the size of the tumor or swollen lymph nodes pressing onto nerves or anything like that… or if it is possible to get lymphoedema even before the lymph nodes are removed? (e.g. maybe they are too busy dealing with fighting off cancer cells at the moment?)… Does anyone know or experienced the same prior to surgery?


Thank you… 


Hi Sopuli I did not get tingling, but had pain from the tumor before surgery. It went away after surgery thankfully. I am one year cancer free now!

Good luck and sorry you have this too.

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Hi Iv just had surgery a week ago on the 7 th augest had my left breast removed , I found a lump in June and then scans showed I had two lumps , one 24mm and one 12mm , I also had tingling pins and needles in left arm and most of left side right down to left foot !!! Am still sore on left side!!

Hi, I have locally advanced bc in LB, and suffered from lymphadima due to a large tumour in my arm pit. I did get a tingly sensation and the top of my arm swelled. My BCN explained that the lymph nodes were working hard to fight the cancer, but the cancer was causing a blockage causing the fluid build up, she gave me some massage techniques to help relieve the pressure and during chemo with the mass shrinking the lymphadima went down too. I’m now due for surgery on Monday. Hope this helps, and I wish you all the best x

Thank you so much for your replies. I had my surgery (mastectomy, axill.clearance and DIEP) one week ago and i am already happy to feel better. All the best to you as well!