Waiting for surgery

Hi, I have recently finished chemo for stage 2 breast cancer and am booked in for a lumpectomy and removal of lymph nodes on 2nd December. I have coped well with the chemo and an examination has shown that the lump in my breast has shrunk. I’m awaiting the scan results to confirm this. I am getting in a state of panic now though as I’m waiting for surgery in case the chemo hasn’t worked.  I’m sure my mind is working overtime but I think now the chemo has stopped and I’m waiting for the next step I’m convinced the cancer has spread. Is it normal to stress like this? I’m generally a very calm positive person. I’m telling everyone I’m good but inside I’m a bag of nerves! 

Hi Donna 

I think your worry and panic are completely normal and all of us who are going through, or have been through, this nightmare will be able to identify with you. 
I am in a similar position but had surgery first and am now waiting for a further op for a clear margin before further treatment which I am assuming will be chemo. This delay in treatment is throwing me into a complete panic as I imagine what any rogue cells have been doing during this time. Like you I am telling everyone I am feeling ok whilst being virtually unable to function except on the most basic level due to the panic. 
I can’t really offer you any advice but am sending you a big virtual hug and lots of sympathy as I know just how you are feeling
Hope you don’t have to wait too long for scan results and that surgery goes well And good to hear that you coped ok with chemo. I have to say that my absolute terror of chemo is not helping my state of mind either! 

Hi DonnaLW - I didn’t want to read and go past without giving you a hug and wishing you all the best for your surgery on 2 December. I had a mastectomy and node removal so if I can help with any questions please do ask, or if you would just like to offload. It’s very normal to be anxious, but you will be in good hands. Tell your team that you are nervous and they will help reassure you. Very best wishes, Evie xx