Waiting for test results

I had my urgent referral appointment this morning and had an ultrasound, mammogram, and a core biopsy and now have a week to wait until my results.

I am 28 and noticed an indentation on my left breast a couple of months ago. It only showed when I leant forward but it has gradually become more noticeable and there is (to use the words of my GP) a thickening of tissue in that area.

The consultant and the radiographer refused to say anything beyond “we have to wait and see” and were so chirpy when they sent me packing I feel very nervous. It seems odd they did a mammogram when I am so long and the ultrasound took forever, with a lot of attention being paid to my armpit (she considered taking another biopsy from there but didn’t in the end). I just don’t know what to think.

My mum had DCIS in 2008 and had a bilateral mastectomy and when I told her today I had had a biopsy she broke down in tears which was so hard to see. On top of all this my husband and I were just about to start fertility treatment as we have been trying to have a baby for 18 months and I was diagnosed with PCOS in June. I was told today not to try to conceive until they had got my results back so that’s another real knock.

I have been reading a lot of other threads and found them very helpful but tonight I am losing my ability to put on a brave face and just want to have a bit of a wobble. Being told “it might be nothing” really isn’t helping anymore. The thought of going to work tomorrow makes me want to run away and hide.

If anyone can share their experiences of getting their test results, especially if they had similar symptoms/tests, I would be very grateful to hear them.

Sorry for the long post.

Hi LillyP

I had all of these tests last year in April, the leaflet I had said I would have all results including biopsy later that day but the radiographer that did the ultrasound advised that was incorrect and that the results would take a week. I was then asked to go back to the waiting room as if would see the consultant once again ( I saw him for an examination first that day before mammogram and ultrasound. He told me there and then that they thought I had cancer, I asked how he knew before the test results and he said they know from the look and the feel and they have to be really open and honest with you and not hold back info. I have had several ultrasounds since and have asked all of the radiographer sand they said they can tell in most cases if it’s cancer. If all hospitals work on this basis they should have told you today if they knew. I hope this puts your mind at rest a bit. I am 53 my cancer was grade 2 and successfully treated with surgery (wide local incision) which is barely noticeable and not noticeable at all in clothes, my lymph nodes were clear so I just had radiotherapy which is painless and caused me no side affects. I have been on Tomoxifen for over a year now which I will take for 5 to 10 years, again with mild side affects which I am happy to put up with while cancer free.
I didn’t know you could be cured of cancer without chemotherapy before it happened to me and that was the thing I was most scared of as I have a sickness phobia. I have had and still receive fantastic treatment and I really feel treatments are excellent now and the cure rate is high. On the other hand I really hope you get the all clear. Good luck xx

Hi, I can’t offer u advice on biopsy results as I’m having mine tomorrow. I’m 48 and have the BRC2 gene running heavily through maternal family.
I just read your feed and I too had an indentation that only presented when I leant forward, but unfortunately thought it was just my yo yo dieting and lack of elasticity/stretch marks. I left it for months until a lump presented itself. I feel so angry with myself for not keeping up with the current symptoms as I did not know or even think this dimple on my left breast was anything to worry about. I know now that it is obviously. I really feel for you being so young, your my sons age. I truly hope that your results come back ok hunny. Best of luck. Xxx

I am going for core biopsy today after FNA 10 days ago my Consultant told me on Monday I had suspicious cells and wouldn’t confirm whether they were cancerous but from his reaction I think they must be ,My Mum ,Sister and Cousin all have had BC I just feel it’s my turn and terrified of the next stage but after reading other persons comments I am going to be positive because girls we can beat this .Good Luck to you all xx

Hi LillyP, so sorry you’re going through this, the waiting room is the pits, even though we all know 9/10 lumps are benign someone had to be unlucky and that’s what plagues you when you’re waiting for results. In answer to Katzygirl’s post, all hospitals have different policies, I was not told I had cancer until the results of the biopsy, even though they could tell from the imaging that it was. Hopefully you won’t have to wait long to find out. Please keep us posted x

Thank you everyone for sharing so openly and for your kind words. The waiting really is horrible and just reaching out finding people who understand helps so much.

Katzy - I asked my radiographer several times what she thought about what she could see and she kept saying that they can’t really tell much from US images but I knew that wasn’t true. I am assuming it means things look suspicious but because of my age, and probably some other factors, they were being more cautious about suggesting it was cancer until they get the biopsy results.

Angie/woodview - I hope your biopsies went ok and you are not too sore. When will you get your results?

I have an appointment next Wednesday to get my results (which the hospital called twice to confirm yesterday). My manager offered me time off work but I feel like a bit of a fraud taking sick leave when there could be absolutely nothing wrong plus it is probably a good idea to keep busy.


Well I got my results today and it was bad news. Next steps are MRI, CT and operation to remove some lymph nodes for testing. I am also being referred for genetic testing because of my age and family history, and to a fertility clinic to try and harvest some eggs before they start chemo. It will be 3-4 years before we can try for a baby now and I am devastated, although obviously thankful the breast surgeon is confident I will still be here in 4 years!

I am glad the waiting is over but this is so surreal I hardly know what to do with myself.

I noticed a breast dimple a few days ago. Going to the Dr Monday