Waiting for tests after consultant appointment

Hi, I was referred for a 2ww appointment after finding a lump, I had a surgical outpatient appointment where I met the consultant and he examined me. He didn’t give any hint of what he thought other than saying that it was a bit soft which was good but it needed further investigation. He said I will be sent an appointment to return for testing, and this should be within 2 weeks. I’m hoping that the lack of urgency for tests is a good sign, but I’m dreading the wait, is this normal practice? What are other people’s experiences please?  

Everything iv read online suggested tests would be done there and then if needed. 

Thank you 


Hi marem


I guess you’re looking for reassurance but that can only come from your consultant. Trying to guess may make you feel better (I hope so) but I’m afraid this is now a waiting game. There are several promising signs - the absence of the word ‘suspicious’ and the delay in performing tests. My experience has been that tests are performed on a needs-basis, starting with a biopsy if it’s appropriate and waiting for the results before the next test. You’d probably only be sent off for a CT scan or MRI at an early stage if they strongly suspected breast cancer.


What’s important to remember is that most breast lumps are benign. Your consultant is being cautious so you know you’re in good hands. You’ll probably have a mammogram and, if that’s not conclusive, ultrasound, and possibly a biopsy (unless the softness rules that out) before being given the all-clear. Meantime, since you mentioned reading online, I really would suggest you stop that for now. Google is not a great ally to us breast cancer patients - it doesn’t know our individual circumstances, is often out of date or beyond our non-scientific comprehension and can’t take our emotions into account. And right now, emotions are the big thing - worry, worry, what if, what if…poking and prodding to see if it’s still there…anxiety spiralling. 


Hopefully you won’t have to wait too long for the tests and reassurance. It’s not an easy place to be in, I know, but optimism is often helpful. Most lumps are not breast cancer :slight_smile: I hope that’s true for you.