waiting for tests for re-occurance

Hello all, i didn’t really know where to post this. It’s tests that i am waiting for not the results just yet. I was diagnosed in 2009 aged 25. Today I went for a 6 moth check and was told I had a swollen gland in my armpit, so the tests are “just in case” but i have heard those words before. I am just scared I guess, again, the waiting game does not get any easier and i am so frustrated as i have just got back on my feet with a new job etc. Grrrrr. Sorry to vent. It’s just the not knowing. I am grateful that I am being kept an eye on and I do know that i will get through it and also that talking (or typing) for some unexplained reason does actually help to ease the load. So for now I am going to scream a little bit in my head and keep my fingers crossed.

Hello there Bubbliejubblies (I love your name!),

I’m really glad you came on here to give vent to how you’re feeling right now! I know you’ve heard the words “just in case” before, so that’s no consolation to you today, but the swollen gland might just be as a result of an infection, rather than cos your cancer has returned. But… the nature of having had the bc beastie means that we understandably worry ourselves sick, in case it’s a recurrence.

Have they said when they’re going to do these tests? I know it’s not easy, but please try not to worry more than you have to about it. come on here whenever you like, cos there’s some lovely people on here, and I know there’ll be others along very soon to add their words of caring too!

Take care of yourself, and please let us know how you go on. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!

With much love,
Shelley xxx

As you’ve been there before you’re probably not looking for any platitudes as you already know that the waiting for the tests…and then waiting for the results is THE WORST. II will cross my fingers for you too and hope that all is well. Let us know how you get on. X

Let us know when the tests are and how they go.I`ve got my fingers crossed too!
Mimsy (flipping daft name, I know!)

Thinking about you in the horrible “waiting room” . I so hope you get the answers soon ,so treatment can be started if it is necessary. I really will think of you this weekend and will cross everything hoping it is ok. --You wouldn’t be the first person to get a swollen lymph node from an infection elsewhere — but you are realistic and know the ways they are thinking.
Lots and lots of cuddles xxxxx

Thanks ladies, it is nice to know I am not on my own. I haven’t wanted to worry friends and family until I know more but I know helping things in and worrying alone is just not healthy. I really don’t understand how sharing things with another human being CAN help but what I do know is that miraculously some how it DOES help. I will let you know how I get on. Still waiting for an appointment letter to come though. In the meantime i will do my best to enjoy the weekend. Getting outside in nature always reminds me how small we are in the grand scheme of the World and I guess I find it reassuring that if this big complex natural World can work so well and in harmony then little old me is going to be just fine, no matter what happens.


I have just posted a similar thread as today my oncologist said she could feel a swollen gland in my armpit. I had my lumpectomy in Sept 2009, as you can see from my profile but I am a lot older than you.

I wish you good luck with your appt. Do you know when it is? I am waiting for an ultrasound appt.

Ann xx

Best wishes and positive thoughts going out to you both Bubbliejubblie and Ann.

Jean xxx

Hi everyone i hve forgotton how to post a new thread, but my situation is similar had mast march 09 had another op in scar oct 10 been on a trial for drug for two years came to an end this oct

My oncologist said eve thing was fine but going to send me for a ct scan as i have got a lump in my shoulder i have been putting it down to physio i have been having, got scan this mon but am terrified it has spread, has anyone else had similar experience, worried sick


I know the waiting is tough. I was diagnosed in Feb 2010 and the following months in treatment. Then after a second followup mamo they discovered mircro califications on my good side. Another mamo suggested they looked suspicious. Then ultra sound and biopsoy but I got the all clear results last week but the waiting is horrendous. So hang in there it isn’t always bad news. Staying busy helped. Like you I didn’t want to worry everyone again but you do need to talk to someone, or rather I did or I was going to go slightly batty. I needed a haircut and it coloured and didn’t want to make the appt incase it was back to chemo. Stupid I know but that is how pervasive this disease is. So stay strong and know you will be alright.

Things didn’t go well today. I was there all afternoon. I saw one doctor who examined me, then had an ultrasound scan and fine needle aspiration and then saw the doctor again. They said there is a cluster of abnormal-looking cells. They won’t commit themselves until they get the pathology report, probably Thursday, but it didn’t sound good. They want me to have a CT scan of my torso and some blood tests.

I just can’t believe it. The doctor agreed that, on paper, I was low risk for a recurrence. She said they need to find out the reason for the abnormal cells and, if cancerous, where they have originated.

I have asked for my BCN to ring through the results on Thursday afternoon, when they have them. I don’t know when the CT scan will be.

Feeling really fed up. After two years, I was just starting to move on.

bubbliejubblies Have you had your tests? I do hope your results are good.

Ann xxx

Hi Ann,

I just posted on your origial post replying that things were ok for me. I didn’t read that things had not gone so well for you before i replied. I was quite upbeat and maybe a little flippant. I am so sorry to hear you news and really aware that this could have been the same for me. I don’t know how to delete the comment so please forgive my insensitivity. I am wishing you all the bst. Please let us know how you get on.

Claire xxx

Claire I am so pleased for you. Don’t worry about your other post. You didn’t sound flippant and I wasn’t upset by it at all.

Ann x

anne fingers crossed for your results hunny… i have had a new primary and a recurrence and also had investigations for 2 other lumps one being a solid cyst and the other i was told to ‘prepare for the worst’ but turned out to be benign fat necrosis… the waiting is just horrible so im glad they are able to give your FNA results tomorrow so at least you know what your dealing with.

big hugs xx

The FNA showed abnormal cells but not definitely cancer (as opposed to definitely not cancer!). Anyway, I took encouragement from that. They still want me to have the CT scan (still awaiting appt), to try and find out what is going on.

Thank you all for your good wishes.

Ann x

Did they not take a core biopsy? That is a bigger sample and gives more information although it occasionally be inconclusive too… There is a certain point when they cannot prove it’s benign ie after several inconclusive results where they will remove the area by excision… Why not ask then as it stands would it require surgery? As it might be more beneficial from your point of view just have it removed and then they can look at the whole thing under the microscope… I have know patients return for repeat scans and biopsies on a few occasions who ended up after about 4 weeks being referred for surgery… Might be worthwhile to speak to your doc and clarify it… Radiologists tend to want confirmation of cancer or changes that could turn malignant before taking action but when your the one being poked and prodded I know some people would rather just have it removed.

Good luck xx


When I get to the results’ clinic, I will ask. I only received these results because I asked my BCN to ring me when they received them. They didn’t take a core biopsy, although I had some originally on my breast. I think the nodes were either too small or too difficult to get to.

The BCN did say that they may remove one/some nodes to biopsy but they want to do the CT scan first.

Ann x

After the CT scan, bone scan and core biopsy of the nodes, I received my results last week. They said the nodes do contain cancer. I could not understand how this had happened and no-one offered me an explanation. I had a clear SNB and good prognosis after WLE and rads. I took Letrozole and cannot understand why this did not work. I forgot to ask the grade but the cells are still strongly ER+. They are not removing the nodes because some are too deep and they also found a couple of ‘suspicious’ areas in my bones. I am to be given bisphosphonates and am also being put on Tamoxifen.

What did I do wrong? As puddin said elsewhere, the whole thing is a lottery!

Ann xx

hi ann,

sorry your have a rough time it must be very difficult to have to go through this again. sending you lots of hugs.

do you mind me asking what grade was your original lump you had removed by wle.

TTM xxx


Fermara did not work for me either, nor did Tamoxifen, I have had 4 recurrences so far localized and am now on Capecitabine which is an oral chemo, so far it seems to be doing its job.

Hope your current treatment is successful, just because Tamoxifen did’nt work for me does’nt mean it wont for you.

Take care.