Waiting for the biopsy results :-(

Hi… I’m new to this forum and this is my first post.
2 months ago my right nipple became inverted, with a holiday, wedding and the school holidays I didn’t get to the doctors until 2 weeks ago I finally went to the doctors and she confirmed the inverted nipple didn’t look right but said she couldn’t feel any lumps but said she had to send me to te local breast clinic I was then offered an appointment 7 days later. Not being to concerned I went along and sat in the waiting room chatting and laughing with another lady I was called into see the doctor who examined me and said he also couldn’t find a lump but would be best to have an ultrasound scan to check everything is ok… During the scan the doctor told me they have found a lump in a duct and would need to do a biopsy I asked what today? She said yes we need to do it today now actually so they peeformes the biopsy I was utterly terrified and was all alone. 30 mins later and very shaken I returned to the waiting room To the very chatty lady seeing the shocked look on my face I made an excuse and went to the toilet and cried feeling very silly I returned to the waiting room and was called back to see the doctor I don’t really remember what he said except he wasn’t to worried about cancer and I will see the breast care nurse in a few mins she then took me into a room and asked me if I had any questions which I didn’t and now regret this as I have no idea what’s Happening or going to happen and left :frowning: I feel terrible that I didn’t ask any questions and now I have 7 more days to wait for the results Thing is I have some new symptoms and I don’t want to phone the clinic… I’m sorry to blurt all that out like a story I’m feeling very confused and feel it’s all come out of blue after expecting to be told it’s one of those things! I’ve got 2 young children and I’m only 31 trying to get on with things but some times my heart feels like it’s coming out of my chest… Thanks for reading

Hi Michelle, Im sorry you are having to go through this awful time waiting on results, its horrendous! We all wish to be able to walk Away from the clinic with Good news but like you I went from being told all seemed fine and beginning to relax to them then finding something on ultrasound and doing a biopsy, you feel shell shocked , you cannot think straight at the time and it natural to come away feeling you should have asked or listened more, you can ring any time and ask to speak to a Breast cancer nurse who will be able to talk you through what is happening or the help line here are amazing and kept me going in the week waiting on results , they are so lovely and let me go over and over things as many times as I needed too. There is no point in me saying not to over think and convince yourself it will be bad news as I know how hard that is but it could all be fine as the majority of ladies reffered to a clinic are, and if not then you will be well looked after, we’ve all been through it here and will help in any way we can Xx Jo 

Hi I too am new to this site. My story is much like yours, a mammogram which showed nothing. I mentioned that sometimes my nipple inverts but comes out easily so I was called back for examination, ultrasound should something! Not sure what. Was given a core biopsy there and then, what a shock that was, I’m sure they did it before the local had kicked in, I nearly passed out on the table. They took two biopsies, now I’m waiting until Thursday for the results. I too am swinging from coping and then bursting into tears!! 

The waiting is terrible. I don’t know how to get through til Thursday. When do you get your results? I keep trying to tell myself that it will be nothing but they did see something so how can it be nothing??

wishing you a good result. 

Keep posting xx

Hi Mrs R… I get my results Friday morning. I think I’m still in shock from the biopsy I went from making jokes about my wobbly boobies to shaking like a leaf and a near on panic attack I remember the nurse telling me to breath slow and steady :-/ who was she trying to fool! There was a mes student there she offered me a hand and at one point I had to release as my arm was dead… I can be a bit of a drama queen and complain to anyone who will listen about my ailments oh my migraines oh my lady problems but they never amount to much byt this is different and it’s different because I didn’t find it I just went along with a symptom and didn’t think of the potential consequences and now I feel a fool for complaining about silly illness’s and problems I’m aware about all of these benign breast conditions all sound awful and some need surgery and I do remember the nurse saying they will surly remove the lump regardless of what it is and the thought of surgery on my breast is scary enough… I feel a little numb perhaps it’s not really sunk in?? My breast is very sore and I have a horrendous bruise at the biopsy site and like you when they took the 2 samples I nearly hit the ceiling! I was thinking last night about my children and had to stop myself thinking that way because surly I won’t be one of those woman with breast cancer… Will I ? I know something though my family will not cope with such news so I have to be ok… I wish you well for Thursday please come back and tell us the outcome and I also hope for a good result for you to :slight_smile: just to add over the last couple of days my nipple has stopped coming back out even when I get cold I havnt touched it to try and get it to come out to be brutally honest I can’t bare to touch that breast I feel all wonky as I k ow there’s something wrong with it I feel like an alien :frowning:

Thank you jobey68 for your kind words x

Hi Peacock,
Yes I have someone to come with me Friday… Wow you get your results tomorrow I wish you all the best I shall be thinking of you. It might sound strange for someone to say that right ? But until you go through this torture of playing the waiting game anyone who is thinking of you is a blessing… I hope your managing to take care of yourself this evening… When you had your biopsy did they give you any idea ? What are your symptoms sorry for the added questions it’s nice to hear how others came to be here x

Peacock !
I’m ever so sorry I just re read your reply post and you are going for first appointment not collecting results :frowning: I still wish you well of course let us know how you get on :)) xx